BHSU student spends semester overseas as mobile journalist

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           Black Hills State University student Erin Kinsey, mass communication major from Sheridan, Wyo., is pictured in Ireland. Kinsey spent the spring semester in Dublin, Ireland, studying and working for CEA Global Education as a mobile journalist.  




Black Hills State University student Erin Kinsey documented her semester abroad in a unique way.

Erin, a mass communication major from Sheridan, Wyo., spent a semester studying at Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland, through CEA Global Education, a study abroad program affiliated with BHSU. While overseas, Erin worked as a mobile journalist, promoting her study abroad experience to future students in the CEA program.

"Originally, I just had planned on studying abroad, but the company presented the opportunity to be a mobile journalist, allowing me to share my experience through the photos I take," Erin said.

Erin shared her experiences from culture to the classroom through photos, videos and social media platforms.

Erin&rsquos work as a mobile journalist included a variety of duties. She created five photo sets that contained 10 photos each, posted weekly on social media, shot and edited videos and wrote in a photo blog. Erin tracked her work on social media using the hashtag #ceaAbroad.

"There are MOJOs all over the world using the same hashtag to showcase the countries they are in," she said. "The posts are supposed to show a day in the life of a study abroad student."

Erin&rsquos images included gorgeous Irish landscapes to the city harbor to community festivals on St. Patrick&rsquos Day.  

"It&rsquos fun seeing your work being displayed and enjoyed by people," Erin said. "I&rsquom really happy to be able to show others what it&rsquos like to study abroad in Ireland. I can share my trip with people all over the world and that feels really good."

Studying abroad was something that Erin said she had always hoped to do one day and an opportunity that her parents encouraged.

"They said it&rsquos an experience every college kid should take advantage of," she said.

Erin&rsquos decision to study in Ireland was an easy one.

"Ireland has always been on my bucket as a place to visit. I fell in love with the beautiful green landscapes I saw online and in movies and decided it was the place to go," Erin said.

The process of applying to study abroad was simple, Erin said. She added that BHSU offers a large variety of places to study abroad from Africa to Asia and throughout Europe.   

Outside of classroom and work responsibilities, Erin said she&rsquos traveled with a group of friends to England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and other countries throughout Europe.

"I&rsquove learned an Irish dance, watched a hurling match and played a bit myself and have just enjoyed life in a city," Erin said.

Through her semester abroad, Erin said she&rsquos gained a better sense of discipline and the importance of looking at things from a different perspective &ndash in life and photography.

"It&rsquos truly an incredible opportunity. I was able to spend five months in a foreign country, allowing myself to open up and become more comfortable all while continuing my studies to make my dreams come true," Erin said. "I never would have spent five months, having the time of my life in Ireland if it weren&rsquot for BHSU. I am truly grateful."

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