How to Submit an Event 

  1. On the calendar below, select which day the event takes place.
  2. Enter an event title.
  3. For all day events, the checkbox next to "all day" can remain checked.
  4. For events with a start/end time, uncheck the box next to "all day" and put in the event times.
  5. Skip reminder and calendar fields.
  6. Select which sub-calendar of our main Campus Calendar you would like the event to be added to.
  7. Fill out where the event takes place and include a description of the event in the final box.

After you submit your event, it will go to the Marketing & Communications team for approval. It will show up on the Campus Calendar once it has been approved. If you have a question about submitting events or if you need to make a change to an event you have already submitted, please email


If you have any change or cancel requests for the Calendar, please email