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Instructional Technology Services (ITS) enhances and maintains the efficient and effective use of contemporary classroom technology to create an environment where high-quality teaching and learning are enhanced by the use of technology.


Video Conferencing

Black Hills State University offers video conferencing for improved communication and collaboration. Video conferencing uses audio and video technology to allow people at different sites to communicate simultaneously.

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Video Conferencing Locations

Governor’s Electronic Classroom (GEC) – Library 009

Digital Dakota Network Classroom (DDN) – Library 011

Desktop Video Conferencing

Free Unlimited World-wide Accessible Internet-based Desktop Video Conferencing is Available Using Blackboard's Collaborate Software

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Instructional Media

ITS works to promote an enhanced learning environment by providing instructional multimedia that allows presenters to incorporate technology into their presentations.

Equipment Provided:

  • Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • Computer
  • Laptop Connection
  • Document Camera
  • DVD/VCR Players
  • Push Button Input Panel
  • Projection Screens
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers

Some Classrooms Include:

  • SMARTBoards
  • Large Screen TVs
  • Surround Sound (Jonas 305 only)

Multimedia Classrooms

A multimedia classroom is configured with instructional multimedia equipment and designed to assist presenters with incorporating technology into their presentations.

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Multimedia Classroom Locations



Jonas Science-6

Library-1 (GEC)

Life Science-5

Meier Hall-9


Young Center-7


Black Hills State University faculty and students utilize the program Desire2Learn, also referred to as D2L, a learning management system used to offer online courses and to supplement face-to-face courses. This system is shared by the six South Dakota public universities which permits students to need only one account to access courses from any of the universities. This program is frequently used in distance education programs and even for classes held on the BHSU campus and BHSU-RC campus as a way for students and staff to stay connected.  A computer and an internet connection is required.

It's a convenient tool for faculty to create a course web site, cut down on the cost of printing, and easily facilitate communication. A D2L course site also allows faculty and students access at anytime from anywhere to syllabi, readings, multi-media files, electronic dropboxes, online quizzes, email, grading, student progress reports, project files and more.

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Student Technology Fellows (STF)

The Student Technology Fellows Program was designed to provide opportunities for South Dakota students and faculty to partner in the development and integration of modern technology tools into instruction. This partnership will provide students with special opportunities to develop professional-level skills that will later be applied in the workforce; and it will provide faculty assistance with the development and use of discipline specific technology needs.

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