Yellow Jacket Friends

Yellow Jacket (YJ) Friends will provide BHSU majors a service learning opportunity to work with adults with developmental disabilities within the Spearfish community. Student volunteers will be paired with individuals from the Northern Hills Training Center (NHTC) to engage in a variety of activities throughout the year.

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Upcoming Events

April 16th
|10:00 am|
Walking dogs and the Western Hills Humane society

  • We will be serving puppy chow to the participants.
  • Toys will be made available to give to the dogs

April 22nd
Carnival at BHSU on the BHSU green

  • Meet at the bus loop between Jonas and the Student Union

April 23rd
Rodeo Day at the 7 downs
We will also be taking them to the rodeo to watch, the following day

May 19-21st
Summer state Olympics will be in Spearfish

YJ Friends Past Events

  • Bowling
  • Spread the Word to End the Word
  • BHSU Basketball Games
  • Game Night
  • Cookie Decorationg
  • Bingo Night
  • BHSU Football Games
  • Corn Maze
  • Picnic
  • Movie Night
  • Park Day (St. Patricks Day)
  • Spread the word to end the word, "The R Word Hurts"
  • And more