BHSU Center of Economic Education Stock Market Game

The South Dakota Stock Market Game is an economic education program based on a real-life simulation of the stock markets. This educational tool is offered cooperatively by the South Dakota Council on Economic Education, the BHSU Center for Economic Education.

Teams of students from fourth grade through college research and select a portfolio of stocks. Each team is given $100,000 of "play" money in which to invest. Trading results for each portfolio are reported daily. Each of the trading sessions last for 10 weeks and prizes are awarded to the top teams in each of five divisions. A weekly coordinator newsletter and curriculum materials and lesson plans help teachers assist students in learning about the United States economic system and basic concepts in business, math, economics, language arts, social science and computer information systems. The game correlates to national educational standards in economics, business and math. Students also learn about stock market trading; public ownership of companies; costs, risks, and rewards of financial decision making; teamwork and research skills.

The game is conducted via the Internet and can be previewed by accessing the following site:

SMG in Class


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