Establishing a BHSU Program

BHSU-Led International Programs

BHSU-led programs at Black Hills State University increase the ways in which students travel outside of the USA. These programs allow for students to travel in small groups with BHSU faculty, staff and administrators who know and understand our community and culture. In addition, these opportunities increase the travel of BHSU employees and increase campus globalization efforts.

Faculty-led programs are:
  • Led by BHSU faculty/staff/administrative members
  • Credit bearing programs (variable credit is available), created to allow students the opportunity to gain academic credit while pursuing a college degree. (In rare cases, non-credit bearing international programs are available with approval and with appropriate justification).
  • Short-term or Long-term programs
  • Courses are taught, led and/or designed by a BHSU employee
  • Programs such as service learning, research, field work, performances, internships, seminars, workshops, etc. led by an BHSU faculty or staff member

If you are accompanying, sending, or otherwise facilitating an international experience involving students the international office will help you complete the required steps including but not limited to establishing a budget and program costs, identifying areas where students most want to study, brainstorming recruitment strategies, etc. All programs must be developed in accordance with SDBOR/BHSU protocols and policies. Trip leaders may not select program providers or negotiate student program expenses on their own.

Trip Proposal

Faculty/Staff who are interested in establishing a BHSU program should submit a proposal to their dean and chair regarding the trip.

Approval Process

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria with input from department heads, college deans, international office, vice president for that respective area and other offices as necessary. BHSU employees must complete required safety, orientation and logistics training and meet program mandates before traveling.  Employees are encouraged to seek mentoring from the international office, respective deans/supervisors before submitting a proposal.

Proposals should be submitted as soon as possible but no less than 6-12 months before traveling.

Trip Leader Compensation

Trip leaders applying through this process are funded in different ways. Depending on the program, enrollment and funding structure, trip leaders could receive service credit, overload pay, course reduction, comp time, travel costs or other approved compensation.

Program Enrollment

To be successful, most programs run through their respective college and require a minimum of 10 participants. Exceptions to the enrollment requirement may be granted to programs that are limited due to field restrictions or other circumstances.  If this applies to your program, you will be able request an exception.

Mandatory Program Leader Training

All BHSU employees accompanying students out of the country will be required, prior to departure, to attend a study abroad program leader training session. The program meets BHSU requirements and will cover the following topics:

  • BHSU Emergency Response and Communication Plan
  • In-country communication plan
  • University policies on student conduct while abroad
  • Health and safety information
  • Program director's role and responsibilities
  • How to design a pre-departure orientation(s) for your students
  • Liability issues
  • BHSU Risk Management and Travel Procedures

Additional trainings will be provided throughout the year and will cover program development, marketing and recruitment strategies as needed. In addition, the international office is happy to meet with any perspective trip leader interested in learning more or addressing unique needs.