Resources and Information


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Finding Hours Used

MyBHSU. Under Employment Details select "Pay Stub". Select the year you wish to look at and click "Display". Each Pay Stub will be individual but you can find the hours you have worked under the "Earnings" column. You can work 165 hours a semester. 

Submitting Hours

Open MyBHSU. Under Employment Details select "Time Reporting". Select "Time Sheet". It will you bring you to a page with a spread sheet and you will want to submit the hours you worked for the correct date and then select "Save" after entering in each hour. To navigate through the pay period select either "Next or "Previous". After you have entered in all of your hours of the time period then you will select "Submit for Approval".

Personal Work Folder

\\bhsu-mcom\MComm\projects\Work Study
This address can be used as a place to save all your work and you can access it from any computer.


This address is where you will find the banners for the website.


This address takes you to folders that allow you to select an academic year and it will take you to the photos.

If you are unable to find any pictures for a task you can use the following links, but do not use these a lot!

Stock Photos (if absolutely necessary)

Web Work

This address is where you will find projects that have been used on the Website throughout many years.


This address is the MCOMM address that will allow you to find almost everything you need for the website.

Form Sheet

\\bhsu-mcom\MComm\projects\Market Comm\Web\WebForms\AllForms-BHSU-site-List.xlsx
This address take you to an EXCEL Sheet that allows you to access all the forms for the web page. It shows their URL, Payment Option and Email Information.