Career Resources


Focus-2 is an online, self-guided, interactive program designed to help you select the right college major and plan your career based on your personal interests, values, skills, personality and aspirations.  Some of the things Focus-2 will help you:

  • Analyze your career planning status
  • Assess your interests, skills, values and personality type
  • Discover and explore occupations and career paths
  • Map out your career and educational goals, action plans, personal development and training needs

Please note that you will require a code to access the Focus-2.  Please contact Becky Cornell for additional information about the Focus-2 and to get the access code.  Becky can be reached at 605-718-4077 or

Resume Formats and Samples

Listed below are three different resume formats as well as samples of each.  No one format is better than another, choose which works best for you and successfully communicates who you are and how you can best meet the needs of the employer you want to work for.

  • Chronological Resume:  List information in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent education or work experience.  This is the most common format and most preferred by employers.
  • Functional Resume:  Focuses on qualifications and skills rather than previous jobs.  It is well-suited to candidates who have multiple jobs or who are applying for jobs not directly related to their previous work experience.
  • Chrono-Functional/Combination:  Combines elements of both chronological and functional resumes.  This format list experience and education chronologically, but also includes a "Qualifications Summary" section that allows you to highlight your qualifications pertinent to the position.

Download the Job Application Information Packet which contains tips and tricks for writing resumes, cover letters and reference lists.  The packet also includes samples of the various types of resumes as well as cover letters.