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Minutes of the Feb. 2 faculty senate meeting

The faculty senate met Feb. 2, 2000, at 3:15 p.m. in Jonas 110.

Members present: Tim Steckline, Charles Lamb, Barb Chrisman, Steve Babbitt, Curtis Card (elected replacement for Tim Martinez), Don Chastain, Randalei Ellis, John Glover, Rena Faye Norby, Rob Schurrer. Student: Scott Biggin.

Motion to approve the agenda by John Glover and Don Chastain.

Minutes of the Nov. 17th meeting were approved with the proviso that te enrollment center would be allowed to make a clarification of comments made at the meeting

Minutes for Jan. 19th were approved.

Tim Steckline reported on the meeting held in Pierre on Jan. 23-24, 2000. Faculty senate representatives, university presidents, and regents with staff were present. Issues discussed by the campuses included Datatel problems; telephone registration to take place this spring; curriculum related issues on technology, exams, and general education. They also discussed the 7/10 rule and its affect on courses particularly graduate courses although the representatives seemed to think that undergraduate upper level courses were also being hurt. (A chart had been prepared to show what surrounding states had been doing in this area. North Dakota indicated that South Dakota's 7/10 rule was one of the best things for them and they were grateful.)

President Steckline indicated that curriculum changes had been approved. Tim had discussed issues to be covered by the senate in the spring with Dr. Cook. Those include plagiarism, calendar changes, reading day, and mathematics requirement for general education. Curtis Card indicated that the changes are to be addressed, but there will be a need for some to have a one-hour lab to learn to use the calculator.

The standardized test for enrollment is still being discussed.

BOR is looking at a bachelor of applied technology (BATH) program

Transfer students should be required to take the rising junior exam.

The Student Opinion Survey was reviewed with the latest revision to be forwarded to the faculty. John Glover and Don Chastain moved that this be done. Motion carried.

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Scott Biggin reported on the student senate. He indicated that the students' response to the Student Opinion Survey related to the first four questions. Barb Chrisman was asked to comment on the meeting she attended. The meeting dealt with funding for the revival of the college yearbook; funding for outdoor recreation majors to attend a conference; funding for SHED; and GAF funding for next year with Scott Biggin being on the campus committee. Student assessment report was also discussed at this meeting.

Appointments committee made the following recommendation: David Salomon to finish Jim Knutson's term on the general-education committee since Knutson is now chair.

Tim Steckline reported that Larry Landis reports that the curriculum committee is moving along on its new streamlined schedule. The following are being reviewed currently: associate of arts in early childhood, and an experimental course in English as a second language. Under this new plan, most of the curriculum changes will be handled locally.

The new 2000 Black Hills State University catalog has been distributed. Any revisions should be noted and forwarded to Pat Chastain.

Issue related to pay for teaching Black Hills State courses at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology was bought to the attention of the senate. A motion was made that pay for faculty teaching at the SDSM&T location should be handled in the same manner as pay for faculty teaching at Ellsworth starting this semester. Motion passed.

Rena Faye Norby brought up the issue of independent study students and the fact that there is no pay for this. She questioned pay for internships also. Discussion on correspondence courses and a reduction in pay for the faculty teaching these courses was also a concern. This may need to be pursued further.

It was proposed that a recommendation be made to change the requirement for a minor for students who are pursuing a double major. A vote was not taken.

A question was asked concerning identification of prerequisites by Datatel. When will this be available and shouldn't it be a priority?

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Barb Chrisman, recording secretary.