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Weather station project grant for middle schools funded for a third year

A $6,000 NASA grant award to continue a middle-school weather station project at five western South Dakota schools was funded for a third year.

The sub-grant, written by Larry Hines, math/science instructor at Black Hills State, and awarded through the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, will provide continuation of a project started two years ago at schools in Sturgis, Kadoka, Rockyford, Buffalo, and Ridgeview.

The “NASA Weather Station Pilot Project” at South Dakota Tech supports the efforts of South Dakota Space Grant Consortium (SDSGC) in its plan to continue the project in the five western South Dakota schools. Started two years ago, the project involved teacher workshops and the maintaining of equipment at the five sites.


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Hines said he would be working with Tom Gerkin at S.D. Tech to move the program forward.

“The stations are up and running now,” said Hines. “There is one classroom at each site dedicated to weather survey.”

Black Hills State is providing the educational component to the project with units for student integration of math and science concepts.

Hines will continue to be the contact person for the designated collaborators at the different schools and will work with the director and outreach coordinator of the SDSGC to ensure the project's success.

The goals of the south Dakota Weather Station Network include collection of real observational data; computer-based data analysis; awareness of weather phenomena; collaboration between SDSM&T and BHSU; cooperation between diverse cultural groups; and establishment of Internet communications.