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Minutes of the October CSA council meeting

The CSA Council met Oct. 12 at the Pangburn dining room. Members present were Colleen Gustafson, Marilyn Luscombe, Corinne Hansen, Becky Dovre, Deatta Chapel, Gloria Spitler, Paulette Palladino and state CSA representative Fred Nelson. Not present were Candy Huddleston, Ellen Melaragno, Susan Hemmingson, Margaret Kleinsasser and Jim Holter. Myron Sullivan attended as a guest.

The meeting was called to order. Minutes from the September meeting were read and approved with changes noted. Motioned by Marilyn Luscombe. Seconded by Deatta Chapel.

Marilyn Luscombe read the treasurer's report. The report was approved.

A thank you card from Roxy Schmit was circulated among members.

Colleen Gustafson reported on the strategic planning committee meeting. She will plan to attend future meetings.

Myron Sullivan noted that a safety and security meeting will be held in the near future. Candy Huddelston is the CSA representative for these meetings.

Fred Nelson reported on the state CSA meeting. Topics discussed at the state meeting included the retirement system, donation of sick leave, salary resolution, health insurance changes, daycare, extra duty compensation, job description updating, and the privatization of the physical plant at SDSM&T.

Nelson inquired as to the status of delivery of welcome baskets. Colleen Gustafson will check with Margaret Klieinsasser. Several other members have volunteered to help deliver the baskets.

The council had previously discussed sending a letter to the personnel director concerning a personnel matter. This item was discussed. Gustafson will speak to Anita Header about the council's concerns. Deatta moved to table this issue. Marilyn Luscombe seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The council discussed their finance methods. Colleen Gustafson reviewed her correspondence with Tom Anderson, vice president for finance and administration. She has requested some information from Dave Hanson at the state level. Paulette Palladino moved that a special meeting be set for Oct. 14 to decide this matter. Becky Dovre seconded the motion. Motion carried. Tom Anderson will be asked to attend this meeting. Gustafson will bring her correspondence.

Deatta Chapel reported on the upcoming CSA elections. Ballots will be sent to all CSA employees working in the areas where there are openings.

Becky Dovre made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Paulette Palladino seconded the motion. Recorded by Corinne Hansen, CSA secretary

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