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Minutes of the April 21 faculty senate meeting

The faculty senate met Wednesday, April 21. Present: Tim Steckline, Rob Schurrer, Kristi Pearce, Barb Chrisman, Don Chastain, Dan Peterson, Nicholas Wallerstein, Steve Babbitt, Charles Lamb, Tim Martinez, and Ryan Maher

A motion was made to add to the agenda the following items: the information technology literacy plan for each of the BHSU majors, the withdrawal issue, and the extension pay. Rob Schurrer moved to amend the agenda. Barb Chrisman seconded and the motion passed.

Regarding the April 7, 1999, minutes, Barb Chrisman moved to approve with the noted corrections. Rob Schurrer seconded and the motion passed.

Vice president Rob Schurrer reported that Jan Golliher was nominated to receive the Distinguished Faculty Award. Dan Peterson moved to approve the nomination. Steve Babbitt seconded and the senate voted to approve.

Faculty elections for college representation to begin during the 1999-2000 academic year include the following:

Arts and Sciences - John Glover - three years, Tom Hills - three years*

Education - Scott Simpson - three years

Black Hills State University will forward the general education plan for how each major integrates informational technology literacy into their curriculum to the board of regents. Dan Peterson moved to accept the report and forward it on to the BOR. Rob Schurrer seconded and the motion passed.

The newly created Faculty Handbook was reviewed. Don Chastain moved to approve the edition and Dan Peterson seconded the motion. The senate voted approval.

Regarding the proposed honors program, senate president Tim Steckline received 25+ responses to his on-line request to assess faculty internet. Six to eight faculty also indicated that they were willing to serve on a committee. The majority of the faculty responding to the interest survey favor an interdisciplinary approach; however, the science faculty prefer a department-related approach. The faculty who responded also indicated that they preferred to maintain a program operated by academics only. The next step will be that Tim Steckline will seek "dedicated" volunteers to organize a multi-disciplinary group to begin during the summer to investigate other honors programs.

Faculty senate election of officers for 1999-2000 were held. The following decisions were made:

Tim Steckline - President

Tom Hills - Vice President**

Barb Chrisman - Secretary

Regarding the issue of extension pay, the faculty senate discussed preparing a ballot for faculty to vote on the four options for payment plan. Tim Steckline will ask Anita Haeder to include a hypothetical standard with examples for faculty to understand the pay difference for each option. Polling those faculty who teach at the Ellsworth campus will be completed this spring.

The proposed position statement presented at the April 7th meeting was refined and will be forwarded to BOR, to the media, and to other faculty senates across the state.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m.

*Tom Hills declined the election. Margaret Lewis was elected instead.

**Due to situation explained above Charles Lamb was elected as vice president by e-mail ballot to Tim Steckline

Minutes of the Sept. 15 faculty senate meeting

The faculty senate met Sept. 15, 1999, in Jonas 103 at 3:15 p.m.

Faculty senate members attending: Tim Steckline, Steve Babbitt, Don Chastain, Barb Chrisman, Randalei Ellis, John Glover, Tom Hills, Rena Fay Norby, Rob Schurrer

Approval of agenda

Approval of minutes for April 21, 1999.

President Tim Steckline welcomed new members—Rena Fay Norby, John Glover, and Tom Hills who will attend for Margaret Lewis this semester.

Mission of Senate as seen by Tim Steckline:

  1. Voice of faculty
  2. Information collection
  3. Liasions for faculty to administration, Legislature, and board of regents
  4. Advocates for policy change
  5. Take action when necessary looking out for what is best for institution as a whole.

Charles Lamb is working on appointments. He is unable to attend for this month due to class schedule.

Dr. Flickema has invited the senate to lunch. It was decided that Tuesday, Sept. 28th would be the best day for members.

We need to have a representative of faculty senate meet with the assessment committee. At present we are represented with faculty from curriculum committee and general education committees. Randalei Ellis will represent the senate on the assessment committee which is chaired by George Earley.

Old Issues

Plans for extension pay periods were presented. These plans were prepared by Anita Haeder. After examination of the plans it was determined that there was little difference in the amounts of money to be received by the faculty members under the various plans. No change will be recommended. Faculty members should continue to deal with it as they have in the past. Those who want to receive more money in their checks might elect to use the change in W4 forms each month to accomplish this.

A copy of the faculty senate constitution should be provided to each faculty member. These should be inserted into the new faculty handbooks. Tim Steckline will look into the means of delivery for these copies.

Tim Steckline brought up the continued concern related to the library budget. He indicated that discussion with Dr. Ed Erickson was showing that the library budget remained unchanged. Once again, Dr. Erickson has gone to the deans of the colleges and Dr. Cook requesting that they provide financial support.

The honors program committee is to be formed with faculty members who volunteered to serve as of last spring. A memo will go out to the faculty once again inquiring about their desire to participate in this program formation. The memo will be directed specifically to new faculty members. This committee will work with Dr. Cook .

The general education committee has passed the recommendations for the 15 hours of institutional requirements. It is being processed into the final draft as of this date. The requirement is that the recommendations be to the faculty senate by Oct. 1. The senate would hold a faculty forum(s) on the issue. The senate must vote on this before the end of October. It must be to Dr. Cook by Nov. 1. He will take it to the board of regents in December. The senate would like to hold the faculty forum on Sept. 29 if possible. The senate will have copies of the document prior to the next senate meeting.

The global awareness committee, which is associated with the multicultural committee of the faculty senate, is requesting financial support for the year. Tim Steckline recommended that we provide the committee with $300 from senate funds. Motion was made by John Glover and seconded by Rob Schurrer. Motion passed.

Summer sessions will apparently be held in June and July only. Official word has not been received on this.

The board of regents is going to be fast tracking curriculum proposals once they reach them.

A committee has been formed to re-evaluate the student opinion survey. The survey will be revised by this committee. The committee is to be chaired by Dr. Holly Downing. Dr. Gary Meek, Dean of College of Business will also serve. The faculty senate will ask Drs. Kathleen Parrow, Sandee Schamber and Priscilla Romkema to serve on the committee to represent the faculty.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted. Barbara Chrisman, Secretary

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