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Minutes of the September CSA meeting

The CSA Council met Sept. 14 at the Pangburn dining room at 9 a.m. Present were Susan Hemmingson, Colleen Gustafson, Marilyn Luscombe, Corinne Hansen, Becky Dovre, Deatta Chapel, Gloria Spitler, Fred Nelson, and Candy Huddleston. Not present were Ellen Melaragno, Paulette Palladino, Margaret Kleinsasser and Jim Holter.


The meeting was called to order. Minutes from the July meeting were read and approved. No meeting was held in August. Motioned by Becky Dovre to approve. Susan Hemmingson seconded the motion.

Treasurer's report was read and approved.

In old business, Colleen Gustafson reported that she spoke to Dr. Flickema concerning the strategic planning meeting schedule. There have been no recent meetings. She will attend and report on future meetings.

Candy Huddleston reported that the safety and facilities committee had not met recently.

The council discussed the CSA fundraiser picnic. A total of $292 was collected in donations and $84.25 was received from the auction. This will be deposited in the scholarship fund. A drawing was held with all donors named included. Grand prize winners were: six-foot sub sandwich - Vera Litchewski; jacket from the bookstore - Dorothy Keller; and a night stay and dinner at the Holiday Inn - Roxy Schmit.

Internet access for all staff was discussed. Fred Nelson said that a computer has been identified for the physical plant for facilities services employees use. Internet accounts can be established through the computer center. Once the new server is established internet access will be provided.

CSA purchasing procedures were discussed. Susan Hemmingson made a motion to move all money to a business office account. Fred Nelson suggested contacting Dave Hanson at the state level to see how other CSA councils handle their funds. Susan Hemmingson amended the motion to resolve this matter by the middle of October. Candy Creager seconded the motion. Colleen Gustafson and Susan Hemmingson will try to bring documentation on this matter to the next meeting.

The council discussed welcome baskets. The new food service coupons will be non-transferable and will expire in six months. Gustafson reported that Kleinsasser is distributing the baskets.

In new business the CSA general election was discussed. Deatta Chapel and Corinne Hansen will serve on an election committee. The election process should begin in October. The new members will be elected in November, invited to the December meeting and start their term in January 2000. New council officers will be elected at that time.

Other fundraiser options were discussed. The council decided to remain with the one summer picnic fundraiser at this time.

The council went into executive session.

The council reconvened in regular session. Susan Hemmingson made a motion that we draft a letter to the personnel director expressing the council's concern with a personnel situation. Seconded by Candy Creager. A special meeting was set for Friday, Sept. 17 to review and approve this letter.

Fred Nelson reported that he will attend the state CSA meeting Oct. 1. He recently attended the SDSEO meeting. Among items discussed was the governor's wage task force.

The next regular meeting was set for Oct. 12 at 9 a.m. at Pangburn Dining Room.

Gustafson adjourned the meeting.

Recorded by Corinne Hansen, CSA secretary

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