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Altman Studeny 

Fine Arts - Art 
Meier Hall 304A 


Altman Studeny, Instructor of Fine Art and Art History, received his BA in Fine Art with a focus in painting from Northern State University and his MFA in Experimental Studio Practice from Maine College of Art. He specializes in social practice and community building through art and has worked for the South Dakota Arts Council as a teaching artist since 2008. His art practice addresses questions of Midwestern mythology and regional responsibility in cultural creation, with a strong emphasis on fostering inclusiveness through collaborative art making.  

For South Dakota’s 125th Anniversary of Statehood, Studeny developed and enacted “Grow: 66/125”– a project that over the course of three months and 3,600 miles resulted in one bur oak tree planted in each of the State’s 66 counties growing in soil collected from every county and combined– and for “Road Work” (first displayed at the Ruddell Gallery @ BHSU), Studeny camped for a week on the median of SD I-90 at Exit 107, photographing, journaling and collecting samples of the natural and man-made substances that characterize that space to address conceptions of land use and impact in the Great Plains.  

Studeny has been featured on South Dakota Public Broadcasting discussing the role of Jell-O in Midwestern cuisine, conceptions of The Wild in the American West, and parallels between Thoreau’s “A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers” and the National Interstate System. In 2014, he was recognized by the National Newspaper Association for Excellence in Humor Writing and is the author of “Minimum Maintenance: The Political Role of Art Making in Rural Places.” 

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