K-12 Math Specialist

The state of South Dakota Board of Education has enacted a “K-12 Mathematics Specialist” endorsement to strengthen the capacity and the infrastructure for improving K-12 mathematics. The endorsement fits an important need in both South Dakota and beyond state borders.

The Center for the Advancement of Math and Science Education (CAMSE) at BHSU offers a course of study that leads to the K-12 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement, either as a stand-alone program or part of a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction (MSCI) degree. Both options are available to all South Dakota K-12 teachers. There are two possibilities – you may:

    • Pursue the MSCI with an emphasis in K-12 mathematics education by completing the endorsement program and the additional core MSCI courses offered at BHSU.
    • Add the endorsement to an existing master’s degree or to a master’s degree you are currently working on.

Those who complete the K-12 Mathematics Specialist program at BHSU will meet the endorsement standards if they have three year’s teaching experience and advance certification (an existing master’s degree or National Board Certification) at the time of completion.

Graduates of the K-12 Mathematics Specialist program at BHSU will be well prepared to model exemplary instructional practices within their own classrooms and to support the professional growth of other educators.

Who is the audience for the program? The endorsement coursework is designed for K-12 educators who want to improve their mathematical instruction and deepen their content knowledge. Educators who have already attained a graduate degree or National Board Certification are one target audience. Educators who seek a master’s degree program with an emphasis in mathematics education are a second audience.

K-12 Mathematics Endorsement Program Objectives:

    1. Deepen mathematics content knowledge
    2. Deepen understanding of student thinking
    3. Strengthen capacity for exemplary instruction
    4. Examine research base and assessment issues
    5. Develop leadership skills in mathematics education

For more information, please contact CAMSE Director Dr. June Apaza at June.Apaza@bhsu.edu or at 605.642.6910.