Clinical Educator - Student Teaching

Responsibilities for Completing Forms during Student Teaching Internship

Student Teaching Internship Handbook

At the beginning of the internship
During the internship
  • Weekly Conference Form: suggested format for identifying strengths and areas to solidify; these forms are not sent back to the Office of Field Experiences and may be used for conferencing during observation debriefings. The university supervisor might decide on a different format
  • Formative Evaluation Form:
    • 4 for a 16-week placement with written feedback to the intern
    • 3 for interns in a 10-week placement prior to an international experience
    • 2 for an 8 or 10-week placement with written feedback to the intern
    • Additional as needed
  • Diversity 4.d.2 Form: classroom data collected to ensure interns have experiences in diverse settings.
By the end of the internship
Other documents and forms