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Strategic Planning,Accreditation and Financial Strategies Committee for 2015-2016

  • Dr. Priscilla Romkema, Chair
  • Dr. Ron DeBeaumont, School of Business Chair
  • Dr. Charlie Lamb, School of Natural Sciences Chair
  • Dr. Wei Song (Assurance of Learning)
  • Dr. Adam Bailey (Faculty Sufficiency)
  • Dr. Robert Girtz (MBA)
  • Dr. Jeff Wehrung (Student Affairs)
  • Dr. Susan Dana (Impact)
  • Ms. Melissa Haught (CBNS Retention and Recruitment Specialist)

Impact Subcommittee

  • Dr. Susan Dana, Chair
  • Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto
  • Ms. Robin Meyerink
  • Dr. Hyun Min

Faculty Sufficiency Subcommittee

  • Dr. Adam Bailey, Chair
  • Dr. David Crawford
  • Dr. Bryon Hollowell
  • Dr. Pat Mackin

Student Affairs Subcommittee

  • Dr. Jeff Wehrung, Chair
  • Dr. Don Altmyer
  • Dr. Hailong Jin
  • Ms. Jean Johnson
  • Dr. Bobbi Looney

AOL Subcommittee

  • Dr. Wei Song, Chair
  • Mr. Don Looney
  • Dr. David Scarborough
  • Dr. Tong Zeng

MBA Subcommittee

  • Dr. Rob Girtz, Coordinator
  • Dr. Avi Jain
  • Ms. Laura Prosser
  • Dr. Ken Schallenkamp