Special Olympics World Games Blog

Special Olympics World Games Blog

I am happy to report that we have only been lost once...okay twice...okay, then there was that one time we couldn't find the hotel back until someone said "it's the big building with the blue sign." The trip has had many opportunities to learn navigational skills in the presence of skyscrapers, which will hopefully useful to someone in the future. Yesterday and today included tours of the Seoul Museum of Art and the Jogyesa Temple; one of the world's largest Buddhist Temples. After the tour, we had lunch and shopped in the Insa-Dong area of Seoul. It is this street lined with shops packed with authentic Korean souvenirs. Needless to say, our pocketbooks are a little emptier today as most of us bought some souvenirs. Tomorrow we head over to PeyongChang to get geared up for the Special Olympics. We will do the best we can to pack the car differently this time (especially since we have added souvenirs) to make the 3.5 hour drive a little easier on the passengers. Goodbye Seoul, see you after the games are done!

Tonight's blog question was: What is it that you want to do with your life and how is this trip helping you to accomplish this? Read each student's response below:

Morgan: I don’t know exactly what my future plans are, but I have applied to various MSW programs and I know that this will help. Being in a different country and being involved in the Special Olympics is giving me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people. That will definitely help with future jobs; being exposed to so many cultures and kinds of people.

Peter: Part of my life is always to experience new things, new people, and get their perspectives on life and how they view the world. This trip helps with me seeing how individuals from this culture see me and how they see their world. It is always nice to get a new perspective and view on life and it helps me grow more as a person which is always going to be part of my goal in life.

Devon: I want to enter the business world and hopefully do some international work. This trip is the first time that I have been out of the country and has opened my eyes to an entirely new culture. Seeing how a huge city like Seoul operates on a daily basis really makes me realize how much different running a business in South Dakota is than a highly populated area. I hope this experience really makes me see how the hustle of a city can motivate people differently.

Nicole J: I want to make a positive change. Whatever I end up doing as a ‘grown-up’ I would love to work with people and making a difference.

Hilary: It sounds really cliché but I would like to make a positive impact in at least one person’s life. Being involved in this experience will allow me a chance to help out in any way possible to the diverse athletes we will be working with. I think that by helping them I may be able to have some kind of positive impact in their life. Hopefully.

Nicole D: One of my major goals in life is to become a competent and caring clinician. I feel that to be a competent clinician I should be familiar and comfortable with people from diverse backgrounds. This trip has already exposed me to facets of human behavior I’ve never seen or even heard of before. I imagine that this feeling will only increase in the next few weeks. As I go along I keep challenging myself to accept and be comfortable trying others ways of living, so far it is much easier than I imagined and I look forward to the certain growth that will come of it.

Amanda: What I would like to do with my life is obtain my PhD in Clinical Psychology and have my own practice treating clients. This trip is helping achieve my goal my giving me the opportunity to come out of my shell and be involved in interacting with people.

Janie: I want to be a Youth Pastor that has patience to work with any teenager that comes my way. This trip has taught me what true patience is. I am learning to be patient when I’m lost in a big city. The overall need for patience on this trip is sometimes overwhelming. I’m also learning that it is okay not to be in control. This is taking the most patience because I am so use to having control over almost everything. Here I have no control, but it is still a good (but tough) feeling.

Alyssa: I would like to go into counseling, so this trip is helping me a lot with learning to work with people and to be flexible. This research has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of different types of people from different places, and understanding diversity is an important part of counseling. This research is really helping me learn that.

Lauren: I want to continue learning about myself and others throughout my entire life. This experience is broadening my ideas and perspectives. I thought I had an understanding as to how small the world really was and how aware I am of the culture I live in. These are the things that I could not have learned in a classroom. I hope to continue working with people and this trip will prepare me to work with a variety of people and have some sort of understanding as to how they live based on their culture.

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