Special Olympics World Games Blog

Special Olympics World Games Blog

Devon: I am most looking forward to watching the (Special Olympics) games progress. I am anxious to see the difference in the level of competition from our local events to an international level. I have been enjoying the entire Korean experience, especially the food and I cannot wait to get into the mountains!

Nicole J: One of the things I am most looking forward to is the vast diversity in culture. It will be a great experience to immerse myself in. I am looking forward to the people, architecture, and food!
Amanda: The thing that I am looking forward to is getting to experience more of the culture and learning more about their norms and customs.

Hilary: I’m really excited and looking forward to getting to know more about everyone in the group. The whole group gets along really well and we all have a positive energy. I am also really looking forward to learning and immersing myself within the Korean culture with the group. It’s definitely a learning curve being here in South Korea; sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. I know it will be really exciting and interesting learning about the culture with the group.

Morgan: I am looking forward to bonding with this amazing group of people I am traveling with in a foreign country. This is an adventure and we are learning together through the fun and rough times. It is also a great opportunity going to the Special Olympics’ games, getting to meet the athletes, and better understanding many different kinds of people.

Peter: I am looking forward to more of the cultural experience. Communication can sometimes be a barrier but, through gestures and not doing things correctly, it gets figured out. Finding our way around can be a challenge, especially with how cold it is. I am also looking forward to getting inside the Buddhist temple. I am also looking forward to taking more pictures of everything.

Nicole D: I am most looking forward to meeting all of the different athletes and volunteers from around the world. I am extremely excited to be in Korea, but the chance to meet individuals from dozens of countries is such a rare opportunity. I intend to make the most of it.

Alyssa: I am most excited about getting the full Korean cultural experience. I have never been out of the country before, so this is a whole new experience for me. I am curious to see how all of these different people from different cultures interact when in the same area.

Janie: I’m most looking forward to watching these athletes get excited about their games. I cannot wait to watch them win their own games. I know how excited I get when I succeed at something that is important to me. The looks on their faces are going to be so very priceless!

Lauren: I am looking forward to see what else I can learn about this country. Today I have learned many basic skills that might seem second nature to those who already live here. In all, I am excited to learn more about this culture and meet some wonderful people who are putting on this major event. Overcoming our cultural differences and language barriers was quite the feat but I am proud to say that we survived and conquered.
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