MBA in Applied Management.


Black Hills State University (BHSU) is pleased to announce that the College of Business and Natural Sciences offers an MBA in Applied Management! The MBA program at Black Hills State University offers face-to-face classes that are taught at BHSU - Rapid City To pique your interest in this program, let me respond to a few questions in regard to the MBA in Applied Management.

What is the purpose of the BHSU MBA in Applied Management?
The program prepares graduates with a strong foundation, practical administrative skills, and responsive management insights to meet today’s challenges as well as the foresight required to anticipate obstacles and opportunities in the future of economic development.

Who will serve as faculty members in the program?
Full-time academically qualified faculty in the College of Business and Natural Sciences serve as the MBA faculty team. Faculty members possess real world business expertise and business connections vital to developing and teaching innovative courses in the program. As the BHSU MBA faculty members are positioned in West River on a full-time basis, opportunities for effective, frequent interaction builds long-term partnerships to support lifelong learning.

Are there other aspects of the BHSU MBA in Applied Management program you would like to highlight?
As a result of the face-to-face nature of the program, we draw upon the expertise of business persons in the area who serve as guest speakers and mentors.

If you are interested in the possibility of enhancing or taking your professional career to a new level, please continue to explore our website as you consider the BHSU MBA in Applied Management. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in furthering your professional goals!

Barbara Looney, PhD
MBA Coordinator
College of Business & Natural Sciences
Black Hills State University


Are you interested in advancing your career or possibly making a career move?

The MBA from Black Hills State University may be the perfect program for you. With a small student-to-teacher ratio and classes that are built with working professionals in mind, you will get the personalized education that most universities do not offer. The MBA program at Black Hills State University offers face-to-face classes that are taught at the University Center in Rapid City. This program requires that 30 credits be completed before graduation. 

These courses build a strong foundation of administrative skills that can be used to address future challenges and opportunities in the business world. These courses are taught by experienced faculty who have real world experience and business connections that will help guide you to the next level in your career. The courses are taught in an experiential learning style that facilitates a better understanding of the curriculum.

BHSU’s MBA program also builds relationships with local businesses that can foster future career opportunities. If you are interested in transferring to Black Hills State University a total of nine credits can be transferred from another accredited MBA program with approval from the MBA Coordinator.

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Student Testimonial

"I'm halfway through my MBA program at BHSU! The BHSU University Center offers a schedule that allows me to go half-time! That works for me and it can work for you! Remember, a year from now... you'll wish you had started today!"
- Tim Reilly, Creative Coordinator at Midcontinent Communications

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