Learn German at BHSU

“If you have never learned a foreign language, you have no idea how much better your life gets when you can speak a foreign language. People are nicer to you, you make more friends and have better experiences. It is a wonderful experience and we want you to experience it with us.”

Brent Van Arsdell


  • What is the study of Language?
  • The study of language is the study of life, literature, history, and thought. It is nothing less than the study of our world and ourselves.


  • Why Study German?
  • German is for a new breed of thinkers, artists, journalists and travelers. If you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge you need. Keep in mind: 100 million people worldwide communicate in German!

    With knowledge of German, you improve your employment opportunities - Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and the third largest in the world. German, for sure, puts you in high demand.


  • What Courses are offered?
  • GER 101 - Introductory German I (on demand)
    Becoming sensitized to authentic listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural skills at the elementary level. Introduction to basic functional grammar and sentence structure.
    PreRequisite: None
    CoRequisite: None
    Semester Hours: 4

    GER 102 - Introductory German II (on demand)
    Continued emphasis on authentic listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture skills at the elementary level.
    PreRequisite: GER 101 or consent
    CoRequisite: None
    Semester Hours: 4

    GER 201 - Intermediate German I (on demand)
    Develop active listening skills, functional language skills, readingskills related to student learners immediate environment, guided freewriting and understanding of interrelationships of language and culture.
    PreRequisite: GER 102
    CoRequisite: None
    Semester Hours: 3

    GER 202 - Intermediate German II (on demand)
    Develop interactive listening and speaking skills toward initiating and responding to simple statements and questions; ability to understand selected descriptive readings to include literature of various types,and continued refinement of language and culture, traditions, customs,folklore, etc.
    PreRequisite: GER 201
    CoRequisite: None
    Semester Hours: 3


German Faculty

Professorin Connie Hubbard Constance Hubbard

Department: School of Arts and Humanities
Title: ADJ. Inst.-German 101/101H
Phone: (605)642-6072
Email: Connie.Hubbard@bhsu.edu

A native South Dakotan, Constance Hubbard has been a part-time German instructor at Black Hills State since January 2000. She also teaches piano class here. Frau Hubbard earned her BA at the University of South Dakota in German with minors in music, English and education. Her MA is in German and English from the University of Nebraska/Lincoln.

Frau Hubbard is president of the South Dakota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German. She studied for a year at the Universität Regensburg and has traveled numerous times to German-speaking countries as a tourist, tour leader and as a student.

Hubbard earned her music degree from BHSU in 2006. Her interests are playing the piano and violin, acting in and directing community theater productions, spending time with her fabulous family, and traveling!

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