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Learn how to control your dreams in the next Geek Speak lecture at BHSU

Author: BHSU Communications/Thursday, January 17, 2019/Categories: Events, Community, Events, Staff

Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into your dreams or get a more restful night’s sleep? Learn how this is possible in the next Geek Speak lecture led by Black Hills State University mental health counselors Tracy Hunt and Chelsey Groseclose Thursday, Jan. 25 at 4 p.m. in Jonas Hall room 110. The presentation is open to the public at no cost.

Lucid dreaming is something that everyone can use, however, it doesn’t just start over night.

In their presentation, Hunt and Groseclose will walk through how to begin lucid dreaming and the benefits that come with it. Different reasons for lucid dreaming could be to fulfill wishes and do things you can’t do in everyday life, problem solving, and sometimes it can be used as therapy. Instead of passively dreaming, the dreamer can become active and control the situations.

“Instead of running away from something that is chasing you and scaring you, you can stop and you gain lucidity. A lot of times people find that if they face a monster in their dream the monster will suddenly turn friendly, it can help you heal,” Hunt explained.

The presentation will also cover the general importance of a good night’s sleep. Hunt said college students tend to fall into bad sleeping and eating habits and it is hard to realize the impact that can have on your body and mental health.

Sleep can impact the ability to focus as well as your mental health and awareness. In today’s modern world of technology, Hunt said there are many things that work against having a good night of sleep starting with screens, whether that is a cell phone, TV or laptop screen.
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