BlackBoard and WebCT Tutorials User's Guide. BlackBoard. is a FREE service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web. Without knowing any HTML, you can quickly create your own course Web site - a Web site that brings your learning materials, class discussions, and even tests online.  Our Web site is so intuitive; it guides you through five simple steps for creating a virtual class - with no programming languages or HTML to learn. If you can surf the Internet, you can create a free course Web site on It's that simple. And it only takes about five minutes. Desire To Learn.  Desire2Learn is committed to being the global leader in the development and support of innovative eLearning environments for the education, government and corporate markets. We work collaboratively with our clients in pursuit of their eLearning visions; their success is our measure of achievement. Our future focused platform along with our enterprise service spectrum offer unparalleled scalability, flexibility, expertise, and responsiveness. Ultimately, Desire2Learn enables institutions to customize teaching and education for millions on a one-to-one basis, to achieve boundless learning.