ClassMate GradeBook  Class Mate gradebook software makes it easy for teachers to calculate, manage and organize their grades. Common tasks are performed quickly and easily on the programs main screen. You'll save time and always know how each of your students is performing.Class Mate handles category and/or assignment weighting, multiple marking perods, multiple subjects, and can calculate final grades based on average of marking periods. Engrade Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information. It's private, secure, truly free, and unbelievably easy to use - so join over 50,000 teachers and start using Engrade today.  Hot Chalk Online Gradebook This online software  provides quality teaching tools to increase productivity. Using HotChalk's teaching tools, any educator can create a free online classroom complete with automatic homework and assignment distribution, collection, and automatic grading. You can save time grading papers with our electronic grading tools. Combined with an internet based gradebook program and the ability to create and share lesson plans, school tools, and resources, HotChalk's teacher timesavers are valuable assets to any instructor looking to use the power of the internet to bring their class online. Having free online gradebook software on your computer makes it portable - you can access your grade book from any computer! Automatic homework grading can save you hours of assignment grading time every week! Why spend time marking up paper homework?