Gloogle Alerts Receive email updates for new Google search results. Google Calendar An online calendar that can be easily shared with others Google Gears Work “offline” and store data locally Google Groups  Set up your own place to communicate and collaborate safely with others online Book Search Search and browse pages of books that have been indexed by Google. Earth Fly anywhere on earth and view satellite images. (Download required)

htp:// News  Browse and search headlines from newspapers and magazines Google Search engine SketchUp  Create, modify, and share 3-d models! (Download required)

 Google Web Sites  


 Google for Educators  Cool Google Tools for Teacher from Teach Hub Free Technology for Teacher including a Google for Teachers I & II downloadable guide. Google Earth Lessons How to Teach with Google Earth  GEarthHacks This site works in tandem with Google Earth.  Overlay files can be downloaded and used with Google Earth.