CROSSWORDS Content Generator  Our programs allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through our custom software - no coding required.  Criss Cross Puzzle Maker (3-8) INTERACTIVE  This site allows students or teacher to create their own crosswords and print them out. Crossword Puzzles Games Crossword Compiler. (3-8)  Crossword Compiler 7 has everything you need to create great educational, professional, and fun crossword puzzles. You can make a crossword puzzle automatically from your own words, or fit words into a grid using a supplied word list. You can print out and export your puzzles in many ways, including interactive online puzzles for your web page.   Crossword Puzzle Maker This site allows the creation of crossword puzzles using your own lists of words.  Ed Puzzle  EDpuzzle is a simple, easy-to-use video platform that helps teachers engage their students. In the classroom, teachers use EDpuzzle to give students video-lessons. They use the EDpuzzle App or the EDpuzzle Website - if multiple devices are used, they will all sync with each other. Beyond the classroom, teachers use EDpuzzle to engage the students at home and complete this video-learning experience anywhere. Teachers can instantly collect students viewing history and quizzes responses. Free Online Puzzle Maker. (3-8) INTERACTIVE This site has two types of free puzzle makers – crosswords or wordsearch. FlashCards This site allows the use  to create an unlimited number of flashcards in a variety of languages.  Images and video can be added.  Invention at Play  This site has critical thinking games and puzzles Make Puzzles Smart Crosswords. Our crossword puzzles are smart because they are designed for learning at all levels ProProf  This site is a free and open online resource for students, professionals and professors on various programs of study. Included are online quizzes and a quiz creation tool, online flashcards and a flashcard creation tool, bogs and wikis and more.  Riddles Flex your mind and have fun at the same time! New riddles, quizzes, brain games, math riddles, brain teasers, and jokes updated daily. From hard to easy riddles our riddle collections will keep you guessing. Get your cerebral workout on with Variety Games.  (4-8)  This site has downloadable demos and some free puzzles makers

QUIZZES Quiz Hub   Educational quis games focused on essential K-12 facts  Quizlet – An Online Study Aid Free Quiz Maker   Quiz School is the quiz maker of choice for many. It offers the many cutting-edge industry features such as statistics, analytics, geographic user identification, flexible result types, style customizations and seamless integration with other websites. Quiz school also supports a wide variety of quiz question styles so you can choose the right ones for your quiz. It is like "YouTube Of Quizzes", where online quizzes can be easily created, tagged, discussed and shared across the web, much like YouTube allows for videos. Quiz Creation Tool from Helpteaching  Survey Anyplace  We focus on mobile and offline quizzes, which is useful for quizzes whereby the participants can answer using their phone  and students can get a free subscription for our Professional Plan by simply dropping us an email at Zoomerang  This site as an online surve6y tool that teachers and students can sued to poll classroom, school or community members.

Surveys, Quizzes and Polls: From EdTech Toolbox
Articulate - e-learning software tools that creates presentations, quizzes, and survey

Catpin - a sophisticated bubble test generator

Classmarker - online testing and quiz app with free features as well as professional options

Frevvo - rich, dynamic forms without writing a single line of code

Hot Potatoes - create interactive quizzes, multiple choice questions and crosswords, which can be added to websites. Free for schools. 

 is a web service that enables you to create online surveys and polls. 
Polleverywhere - create and collate polls and voting via mobile devices

Puzzle-maker - create puzzles for any subject

Questionform - a web application for creating, publishing and analyzing online surveys and forms that can also be embedded 

QuickTV - interactive video

Quizlet allows you to create and share flaschcards. Great to help your students revise material or for you to create resources for the Interactive Whiteboard.

Quia - Create and then share interactive lessons, puzzles, games or books as well as Math resources.

QuizStar - online quiz generator.

Response-O-Matic - Need to create a form or survey? Create your forms in standard html. Then have your form call Response-O-Matic.

Survey Builder - build online interactive surveys, timelines, polls, etc.

Survey Monkey is a web service that enables you to create online surveys and polls.

Website Polls - create a embed a poll
Yacapaca allows you to create quizzes, test, surveys and e-portfolios. It’s an online Virtual learning Environment