Image Generators Chalkboard Letters Create a Logo Wigflip - allows for the creation of a variety of creative images Shape Collage   Create your own logo Wordle

Photos & Photo Editing Big Huge Labs.  This is an online image editor and generators that alloy the uploading of photos.  They can then be turned into magazine covers, posters, badges, desktop wallpaper and more. Bookr  This site is a tool to create and share your own photobook using Flickr FlickrCC Creative Commons image site   Creative Commons  This is an online clearinghouse of photo and video resources for teachers, students and the general public.  The Digital Vaults.  This site has documents, photographs, posters, sound recordings, moving images and other materials from the National Archives in Washington, DC. Flickr  This site allows you to organize, share and find photos FlickrBits Tutorials on Flickr Flickr Tutorials  Fotobabble  This is an online creation tool that allows students to create and share talking photos. It is very easy to use, just upload a photo, record your voice, and send or embed it. FotoSketcher FotoSketcher is a 100% free program which can help you convert your digital photos into art, automatically. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or a beautiful landscape into a painting, a sketch or a drawing then look no further, FotoSketcher will do the job in just a few seconds.  FxFoto This is a Windows based program that can be downloaded and used for photo edition and related activities. GIMP  This site has the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages. Jing This site is from TechSmith and has tools for taking screen grabs and making videos to share. Students can  download and install for filming on-screen demonstrations (with or without voice-overs).  Instructors can also include screen shots in instructional materials or to provide audio feedback as they view student work. LibriVox This site has free audio recordings of published books and other materials that are in the public domain. Pics4Learning  Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting. Phanfare  Share, manage, and archive your digital photos and videos PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool where you can create funny pictures from your photos. Just upload your photo and apply hundreds of professionally designed photo effects. You can create funny pictures from your photos, create romantic greeting cards with your photos, create funny gif animations with your photos. Picasa   Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great. Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button! Picasa Web Album This site allows student and teachers post and share photos online for project and reports and other related school activities.  Pinterest  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse boards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. Splashup  Splashup is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With the features professionals use and novices want, it's easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates seamlessly with top photo-sharing sites, and even has its own file format so you can save your work in progress. Sumo Paint - Sumo Paint is an amazing web-based tool (and downloadable program as well). Think PhotoShop but free - and web based. This is one of the best photo creation/manipulation tools available today. A great tool for students and teachers who don't have access to or money for PhotoShop or other heavy-duty image manipulation software. Middle School students can create visual masterpieces using this very robust art program, and even edit and touch up photos that they upload. The files can be saved on the computer as a JPEG, or even on the web and accessed from any computer with web access. 

Photos and Graphics:
Arkive - an amazing site for photos of world species
Aviary is a suite of web applications which allow you to create, edit and manipulate images. They have also recently launched an audio editing tool called Myna.

BeFunky is a website that allows you to apply a variety of fun effects to your own photos or from photo sharing sites.

Big Huge Labs  - create puzzles, movie posters, magazine covers, mosaics, calendars, badges, billboards and more.

Block Posters is a web application that allows you to make full size posters from pictures in your computer. Perfect for classroom displays.

Cellsea is ideal to quickly add effects to your pictures.
Circos - great tool for creating infographics - present data within a circle

Empressr - Add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant.

Flickr is a web service for storing and sharing your digital photographs. It also contains a massive collection of  Creative Commons 
Fotobabble enables you to create talking photos in a few clicks by adding a voice to customisable slide-shows.
Gimp is an  Open Source image manipulation program. A bit like Photoshop, only free! It tackles tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
GlassGiant is a website that allows you to make fun, custom pictures.
Google Sketchup - create 3D buildings and drawings
Glogster - create online posters, media rich online posters that can be shared online or embeded onto wikis.
Iconspedia - free icons
Laphotocabine - photobooth old style photos
Magmypic - make mag covers with your own pictures - very cool results
Mutapic - picture/logo generator
Paint.NET - image and photo editing desktop application for Windows. An intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.
Phixr is an online photo editor.
Photoxpress - free stock photos for web design, brochures/illustrations
Photojojo - subscribe to photo newsletter for great tips
PhotoPeach is a slide show maker simple enough for young children to use independently. It easily allows you to add text to slides for added impact.
Photoshop Tutorials - great tutorials
Photobucket - image and video hosting
Photopeach - create themed stories using photos and text, leave comments for other users
PhotoRem - Image hosting site;unlimited storage and uploads - upload some pics, add some music, create a quick & easy photovideo online.
Photo Story 3 makes film clips of your photo slide shows to which you can add commentary, soundtrack and transition effects.

Photovisi is a web application that turns your pictures into a collage which you can then download free  Great to illustrate story telling or just for decoration!

Phreetings - create and then send postcard and greetings
Picture Trail - spinning cube photo display

PicSlice - Pictures tools : creates slices of picture, it can also crop it, you can resize picture too

Picture2Life is a web service that allows you to edit, collage and animate pictures online.
Pixer is another online photo editor.
Pixlr - edit pictures easily

Shape Collage - a photo collage maker. Automatically create picture collages in a variety of shapes with just a few mouse clicks

Smilebox is a website where you can create e-cards, scrapbooks, slideshows and photo albums from digital photographs.
Snapfish - photosharing
Splashup create pictures and edit photos online, just like Adobe Photoshop.