6 Tips to get even reluctant teacher and student started coding 10 Simple Coding TIps for Bloggers  10 Top Programming Languages for Learning to Code  Code  This site has numerous free activities at different level, including coding snowflakes and a JavaScript introductory tutorial to crreate a video game  Coding with Ozobots Coding for Educators - An Introduction Google CS First  Hour of Coding Article from Tech & Learning  Learning to Code vs Coding to Learn  Learning to Code from Scratch    Lighbot This site has simple games to teach complex coding skills  Made With Code  This site from Googld has activities especiall designed for girls, such as animating a Yeti, programming a musical beat and more.  Scratch  THis site from MIT is a simple free programming tool to allow student to download and remix animation created by other students.  There is also a junior version that is a free app for tablets. Learning to Code from Scratch Tynker  THis site has an end-to-end solution to easily and successfull teaching student how to code as they create gamres and animated projects