www.adventureonline.com Adventure Online INTERACTIVE AdventureOnline provides experiential online journeys for children. With a core audience ages 8 to 14, we promote and encourage safe Internet travel for our users. Keeping this goal in mind, all Adventure Online activities are designed to comply with the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  Good for science, social studies, history and geography

www.epals.com ePALS. INTERACTIVE   ePALS Classroom Exchange is the world’s largest and fastest growing online classroom community, connecting over 3 million users from around the globe. ePALS helps learners of all ages become active members of the global community by giving them access to our tools, our resources and each other. Since 1996, ePALS has allowed learners to broaden their horizons, work together and form new friendships. By developing and offering barrier-breaking resources such as the Internet's first built-in webmail language translation, ePALS has allowed people in 191 countries, speaking 134 languages to have meaningful contact with each other.

www.safekids.com/contract.htm Family Contract for Online Safety INTERACTIVE There are lots of "rules" on how kids (and parents) can be use the Internet but the most important rule is that parents and kids agree to a set of criteria.  Here, based on "Kids Rules for Online Safety" and "Guidelines for Parents" are two pledges that kids and parents can take. They should be printed out, signed by both kids and parents, printed out, and posted near the computer. 

www.gaggle.net Gaggle Net.  This site allows teachers to access a free and safe email service for their classrooms. Gaggle is dedicated to providing safe e-mail accounts for students. The tools we provide allow schools to finally feel secure when giving their students e-mail access. On the Gaggle Network teachers control what can be written and who can correspond with the students. Messages with inappropriate words are automatically re-routed to the teacher's account.

www.getnetwise.org Get Net Wise The Internet is an increasingly important place to work, play and learn for both adults and children. At the same time, we are concerned about the risks we face online. The challenge is to stay "one-click" ahead of would-be pornographers, hackers, child-predators and those who would misuse your and your child's sensitive information. GetNetWise can help.

www.us.iearn.org  iearn  iEARN-USA is a member of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), the world's largest non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.  These have included everything from testing, comparing, and improving the quality of a stream or river to charting the migration of birds, planning and conducting workshops to researching the causes and affects of earthquakes, creating global art galleries to researching and giving presentations to local government officials as part of a global public awareness campaign on the issue of child labor, creating joint newspapers, magazines to hosting global video festivals.

http://www.netsmart.org NetSmart  A portal type site that has various site that deal with safety on the Internet.

http://www.oneworldclassrooms.org   One World Classrooms   This site  allows students to connect to other classrooms around the globe.  We need to allow our students to experience culture and this is one way for them to interact with it.

www.safekids.com Safekids.com Your family's guide to making the Internet and Technology fun, safe and productive.

http://www.safeteens.com Safeteens.com A place for parents and teens to learn how to use the Internet safely. No preaching, just good advice