Core Content Connectors Developing Educational Standards.  Good teachers have standards in mind when they set their lessons up, where the idea of a "standard" represents a specific idea of what the teacher expects a student to recall, replicate, manipulate, understand, or demonstrate at some point down the road - and of how the teacher will know how close a student has come to meeting that standard. Standards, in other words, are conceptually nothing new - though we do seem to keep reinventing them. Standards have received a new emphasis over the last decade at the national, state, and local levels. We have established this page as a repository for as much information about educational standards and curriculum frameworks from all sources (national, state, local, and other) as can be found on the Internet. Developing Educational Standards: Math. This site provides a list of sites with math standards from leading professional organizations as well as every state department of education.  Education World’s National and State Standards.  Education World has created this site which had objectives of the voluntary National Education Standards for the major subject areas and links to individual departments of education. International Test and Evaluation Association. The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1980 to further the exchange of technical information in the field of test and evaluation. Its members include professionals from industry, government, and academia, who are involved in the development and application of policy and techniques used to assess the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of new and existing systems and products ISTE/NETS Curriculum and Content Area Standards.  National Social Studies Curriculum Standards.  PBS Teacher Source Search & Standards Match  SAS Currciulum Pathways   Interactive, standards base resorces in the core disciplines We develop interactive resources that utilize technology to create learning environments otherwise difficult to achieve in the classroom setting. Our resources are intended to supplement instruction to engage students in meaningful learning experiences that foster a deep, robust understanding of concepts. South Dakota Ed Web.  The Curriculum section is built on three types of searches: technical standards, curriculum and keywords. The links within these searches have been correlated with the South Dakota Content Standards. Search results will yield links to lesson plans, on-line activities, and resources to assist educators in the teaching and learning process associated with the knowledge and skills that the state as a whole wants students to master. Our goal is to create a ‘Top 5’ list in each area resulting in 15 instructional resources for each content standard StateStandards.  State educational standards for all 50 states, coupled to lesson plans and resources.