3D Learner.  'If your gifted child is failing to live up to his or her potential there is a strong chance that they are right-brained and visual and are not well served by the system", says Jeffrey Freed and Leslie Parsons in their book, "The Right-Brained Child in the Left Brained World". These students are often labeled Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, SLD, Specific Learning Disability, Dysgraphic or Learning Disabled. This helps them qualify for support, but the result is often limited improvement. Why do we call these students 3D Learners? Children's Books: An excellent website that provided parents with information on how to choose good books and reading activities to do with children. New Mobility's Interactive Cafe This site is a forum  for disability news, resources and culture.  It includes an online magazine, a message board, chat rooms, links, a jobline, and and a bookstore   Reading Readiness Apps for Special Need Students Read Please.  This site has downloadable software that will read text on your computer system. - is not free, but very good.