Different Roads to Learning: Since parents with special children are often unable to go shopping this site provides an online catalog that specializes in learning materials and play things for children with developmental delays and challenges.  The catalog is only for children 2-10 and focuses on the areas of speech and language.  Discovery Channel Products and Videos Early Childhood Educator: This site contains information for parents, teachers, and directors and contains information on different resources available, products available, and has a bookstore.  It is updated on a regular basis and welcomes input from the viewers.  Information available ranges from games to play with your child, recipes to make with your child, new programs in teaching early childhood, and parenting tips of the day, to house calls for commonly asked questions of a pediatrician.  The information given changes regularly so the options to learn are limitless.  Educational Assistive Technologies: Helps children learn basic skills such as cause and effect or problem solving.  The program uses computer simulations, special toys, and games and many other devices to help children with disabilities.  As a parent this program would be useful to give our child all of the exposure to all of the cause and effect problems the world has to offer.  Without the exposure the set backs the child would receive could be devastating.  LD Resources: Freeware and shareware can be downloaded from site.  Good LINKS to ideas and products that have worked.  Resource Room: Includes resources for teaching reading, spelling, and math.  The site provides articles and ideas about reading comprehension and teaching middle, secondary and post secondary students.  Teachers can also take part real-time chats. Scholastic Publishing  Special Needs Children Need Special Toys: This site gave excerpts from parents with special needs children who told how frustrating and difficult it was to find toys for their special needs children.  The best thing that I like about this site was that it named Toys R Us and told that this store has a comprehensive catalog for special needs children.  This gives parents and caretakers a place to start and an outlet for their needs. Wiggle Works software