www.lewis-clark.org   Discovering Lewis & Clark. (9-12) Conceived in 1993 and online since 1998, this site is a hyperhistory in progress. It is enhanced by at least one new interpretive episode each month, employing a variety of multimedia techniques.  IT focuses on issues, values and visions related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, its preludes and the aftermath up to the present time.

www.nationalgeographic.com/west   Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark (6-12) INTERACTIVE The National Geographic Society presents this site so students can join the Lewis and Clark expedition. Features include a map to trace the voyage, selections from Lewis and Clark’s diaries, and a forum to share their explorations with others online.

www.sierraclub.org/lewisandclark In the Foot steps of Lewis & Clark. (9-12) INTERACTIVE This site by the Sierra Club, allows student to learn about the expedition’s discoveries in natures.  There is a strong environmental focus to this site, which includes the report, Protecting the Lands Explored by Lewis & Clark:  1805, 1905 & 2005.

www.nwrel.org/teachlewisandclark/home.html   Lewis & Clark’s Expedition: Curriculum Ideas. (6-

www.pbs.org/lewisandclark   Lewis & Clark The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. (4-12) This is the PBS’s site dedicated to Lewis & Clark. Many related links.

www.lewisclark.net   Lewis & Clark’s Historical Trail.  (4-8)  This site is dedicated to Lewis & Clark’s expedition across the Louisiana Territory.

 www.edgate.com/lewisandclark   Lewis & Clark Mapping the West. (6-12)  This site is from the Smithsonian and is dedicated to Lewis & Clark’s mapping expedition.

www.lewisandclark.org  Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Kid Page. (6-12) INTERACTIVe 

www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark  National Geographic Lewis and Clark (5-8)