There are three major search techniques that can significantly affect your ability to search effectively on the Web.  They are as follows:

  1. limit searches by applying Boolean logic example follows

the plus sign (+) = and

the minus sign(-) = not

college basketball scores           – 2.5 million hits

college + scores +basketball     – 300,000 hits

monty –python              – find info relating to monty, but not to monty python

beetles-music                – find info relating to beetles, but not to the music group “The Beetles”

  1. create search phrases

"great barrier reef"

heart disease”

“ lady bugs”

elementary science projects”

  1. specific a particular domain to search

There are seven major domain or categories that most web resources have as part of their URL web Address.

.com – commercial   .net – gateway or host   .org – non-profit organization    .edu – education and research

 .gov - government   .mil – military agency    .int – international, intergovernmental





or use 'site: domain name'to any search

       You can also use all three method together in one search parameter

            +domain:org+ ”heart disease”

+domain:edu+”early childhood education”

+domain:mil+”world war II”

Please note that if there is a ~ in the URL it denotes a personal page