’s Inventors Lesson Plans (K-12).  This site provides a collection of lesson plans for teaching about invention, inventors, and inventing.’s Science Lesson Plans (K-6).  This site provides hundreds of lesson plans for teaching science in the elementary school.  Academy Curriculum Exchange (1-12).  This site offers more than 150 science lesson plans for the elementary school, intermediate school, or high school.  Africanized Honey Bees on the Move Lesson Plans (K-12).  This site features 30 lesson plans organized by grade clusters, the lessons also include activity sheets.  Alliance to Save Energy Multi-Disciplinary Lesson Plans (1-12).  This site provides hands-on, multi-disciplinary lesson plans for the study of energy conservation at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Amazing Space (6-12) INTERACTIVE.  This site provides a variety of interactive Web-based space lessons and activities.  American Field Guide: Teacher Resources (6-12).  This site provides lesson plans that tie American Field Guide videos into units on such topics as floods, mammals, landfills, and volcanoes.  Awesome Library Science Lesson Plans. (K-12) This site has a large number of links to Science lesson plans.  Awesome Library: Science Lesson Plans (K-12).  This site contains a collection of hundreds of science lesson plans.  BioRAP (7-12).  This site provides a collection of lesson plans on biological topics, including aging and genetics, cancer, product safety, sun and skin, AIDS, and risk assessment.  California State Parks: Folsom Powerhouse: Electricity Unit (4-8).  This site provides a teacher’s guide keyed to California Science Standards with 14 detailed lessons on electricity.  CanTeach Science (K-2).  This site provides life, physical, and earth/space science lesson plans for the primary grades.  CEA Science Education Home Page (K-12)  Contents contain  interactive units on comets, light, and spectra.  ExplorA-Pond (K-12) INTERACTIVE.  This site is an online Internet collaborative project.  Students from around the world collaborate exploring pond ecology.  Galileo: Journey to Jupiter (5-12) INTERACTIVE.  Project Galileo: Bringing Jupiter to Earth provides an assortment of lessons and activities on the space probe.  Great Plant Escape (4-5) INTERACTIVE.  Each lesson in this site is interdisciplinary, designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how food grows. K-12 Biology Resources.  This site has numerous listing of lessons, activities and materials for elementary students and teachers  The Futures Channel  This sit has multimedia math and science teaching resource for all grade levels, including lesson plans and short videos about the uses of math and science in real-world settings.   IBM Global Industries Education Homepage  Internet lesson plans for all grade levels and topics, including a variety of science lesson plans.  Imagine the Universe!: Teacher’s Corner (9-12).  This site provides math and science teacher-created lesson plans and other resources about astronomy and space exploration for high school students.   LASSO Project (K-12).  The Los Alamos Space Science Outreach Project provides teacher developed space lessons and classroom activities. Learning Science (K-12) This site is dedicated to sharing the newer and emerging "learning tools" of science education. Tools such as real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro-worlds, and imaging,  among others, can help make teaching science an exciting and engaging endeavor. These tools can help connect students with science, in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.  LessonPlansPage (K-12).  This site offers hundreds of lesson plans organized by subject and grade level. Neurolab Online. (3-12)  This site has a collection of lesson plans, experiments and related links.  Students can also ask NASA experts questions and get answers. New York Times Science and Health Lesson Plans (6-12).  This site provides free science and health lesson plans accompanied by articles from the newspaper.  Topics range from animals and marine life to drug use. Performance Assessment Links in Science (K-12).  This site provides a standards-based guide to science performance assessment tasks indexed via the National Science Education Standards. Physical Sciences Resource Center (K-12). Project A.I.R.E. (K-12).  This site provides warm-up exercises and lesson on air pollution issues and the alternatives for resolving them.  Topics covered include air quality, rainforests, radon, the creation of environmental laws, the greenhouse effect, and ozone. ProTeacher: Science and Technology Lesson Plans (K-6).  This site provides a collection of science lesson plan sites.  Scholastic Lesson Plans & Reproducibles. (1-8)   This site, by Scholastic, has lesson plans and related activities as well as Web sites for science topics. SEGway - Science Education Gateway (4-12).  This site is a partnership between university scientists, NASA and educators.  They provide lesson plans for the study of space science and the solar system.  Schoolhouse:  Science. (K-12)  This site has a collection of science lesson plans that include topics such as anatomy, chemistry, weather, botany, biology, and earth sciences. Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools (6-8) INTERACTIVE.  This site contains online lessons and resources for Human Body Systems, Properties of Matter, Catastrophic Events, and Energy, Machines, and Motion. Science Classroom (6-8).  This site provides teacher-developed lesson plans and worksheets. Science Netlinks (K-12).  This site provides standards-based lesson plans and recommended links that correspond to 12 major science and math curriculum benchmarks. Science Web Quests (K-12).  The Science Institutes at the University California Irvine developed Web Quests that engage students in online instruction in various science topics. SMILE Program (K-12).  This site provides nearly 1, 000 K-12 science lesson plans, created by teachers, for biology, chemistry, and physics. Stanford SOLAR Center: Lesson Plans (4-12).  This site includes a collection of multi-disciplinary lesson plans based on the sun and solar science. Teacher’s Corner: Science (K-12).  This site offers lesson plans and experiments for a variety of science topics. TeachersFirst Web Content Matrix (1-12).  This offers a collection of lesson plans for astronomy and space, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and general science.’s Lesson Plans (PK-12).  This site is part of the Learning Network.  It provides hundreds of science lesson plans and printable activities organized by grade levels and themes. Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers (K-5).  This site contains a collection of science activities to complement a K-5 mathematics curriculum.  This site also includes printable worksheets. (K-12).  The American Plastics Council provides lesson plans and hands-on science activities about polymers (plastics).’s Science Lesson Plans (K-12).  This site offers science lesson ideas for biology, earth, physics, scientific method, space and time, weather, and general areas.’s Science Lesson Plans (K-12).  This site provides hundreds of science lesson plans covering many topics. Unit Plan: The Impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9 (6-8).  This site offers an Internet-based astronomy unit that covers the impact of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet on the planet Jupiter.  Also, go to Teaching Resources to find an online interactive exploration of our solar system. Views of the Solar System: Lesson Plans and Activities (5-12) INTERACTIVE.  Calvin J. Hamilton provides a collection of space science lessons for Grades 5-12. Other interactive activities answer “How much would you weigh on another planet?” and “How old would you be on another planet?”