Century of Physics (7-12)  This site is from the American Physics Society. Explore Science (7-12).  This site illustrates the laws of physics for students.  It also provides a collection of interactive explorations for astronomy, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, life science, waves, motion, optics, and other science topics. Fear of Physics (K-12) INTERACTIVE.  This is an interactive, highly visual, and non-technical way for students of all ages to learn about the laws of physics in action.  The Institute of Physics. (9-12) A very good web site for physics and physicists. PhET (Physics Education Technology) (9-12) INTERACTIVE.  This site from the University of Colorado has fun, interactive simulation of physical phenomena that make bridges to the real world.  A collection of 40 Java applications for introductory physics is available.   Physics 2000. (9-12)  This site is from the University of Colorado and has animated science demonstrations.  Topics include Einstein’s Legacy on X-rays, microwave ovens, lasers and an Atomic Lab. Physics Demos and Science Exhibits Designs. (9-12) This site has many links for physics demo and other related sites for many science project ideas. PhysLink.  The is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site.  In addition to providing high-quality content, is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds.  Physics Index  (K-12)  This site is from the Science & Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE).  Lesson plans and topics include matter, mechanics, fluids, electricity and magnetism, waves, sound and optics and more.  Wonders of Physics. (9-12)  This site was created by Physics Professor Clint Sprott and provides an online sourcebook with demos for motion, heat, sound, electricity and other related physics topics as well as experiments that students can complete. World of Teaching.  INTERACTIVE (K-12)  This site contains a variety of PowerPoint teaching presentations in Biology, Chemistry, Math, English, History, Physics, Geography and Spanish.