1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions (K-12).  This site contains more than 1,300 free science and chemistry questions sorted by grade level and topic.  Chem Buddy. INTERACTIVE Every chemist occasionally has to do some simple calculations, like concentration conversion, finding pH, or solving a complicated stoichiometric problem. When these problems are easy, they are waste of time. When they are harder, quite often they get too difficult to solve on paper - that is especially true in case of pH calculations involving several dissociation equilibria. This is when software can save you time and frustration. Presently we have three such programs:

 CASC Concentration calculator -convert concentrations, prepare solutions. Built in database of over 300 compounds with density tables, making all calculations fast - and accurate.

 BATE pH calculator -acid/base equilibrium, titration curves. No approximations made - if you see calculated pH, that will be it's exact value. And it is calculated on the fly, whilst you type!

  EBAS Chemical equation balancer -balance equations, calculate stoichiometry. Balance chemical equations, find limiting reagents, convert volume/mass/concentration in no time.   Chemistry Help page from Chegg Study Chem4Kids. (4-8) INTERACTIVE  Right now you're on CHEM4KIDS.COM. The best news is that we have just finished the new version KAPILI.COM. Kapili now has tutorials, an extensive library, experiments, over fifty activities, and downloads like flash cards and workbooks. Members have access to all of that information and they get to be a part of what new content we build. Chemistry 4-D Draw. (9-12)  Home page of ChemInnovation Software.Inc. Chemistry Index (K-12)  This site is from the Science & Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE).  Lesson plans and topics include basic tools and principles, atomic and molecular structure states of matter, chemical reaction, chemistry of elements, and compounds/materials ChemLab. (9-12)  This site has Chemistry lab simulations for the classroom, the laboratory and the internet and is from Model Science Software. Creative Chemistry (6-12) INTERACTIVE Whether you are a teacher, doing chemistry at school, or are simply just interested in chemistry, Creative Chemistry has lots for you. There are full-color worksheets and teaching notes for fun activities suitable for a chemistry club, and over two hundred pages of question sheets and practical guides for GCSE and A Level Chemistry.  You will also find fun chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes, molecular models, and the Sc1 Tune-up Garage to help improve your GCSE science investigations. Chemical Elements.  This site has an online interactive Period Table of Elements  Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations Created by Yue-Ling Wong. INTERACTIVE Kitchen Chemistry (3-12)  Student can view a virtual kitchen and perform food based experiments. MathMol K-12 Activity Page (K-12).  This page serves as a starting point for those interested in learning about the field of molecular modeling and its relationship to mathematics. Periodic Table Periodic Table of Elements Periodic Table of Comic Books (5-12) INTERACTIVE.  This site covers a number of elements from oxygen to the Metal Men (Gold, Tin, Mercury, Lead and Platinum) to molybdenum.  A search engine lets you quickly mine the periodic table of comics. Periodic Table  of Elements Database  ph Meter INTERACTIVE  This site can be used as a device  for potentiometer pH measurements World of Teaching.  INTERACTIVE (K-12)  This site contains a variety of PowerPoint teaching presentations in Biology, Chemistry, Math, English, History, Physics, Geography and Spanish.