Animal Cams from the Smithsonian Institution.  The National Zoological Park is a part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex.  The Susan B. Anthony House. (K-12) This fun web site deals with Susan B. Anthony and here home with is a national landmark.  Students can read about Anthony and her part in the Women’s Rights Movement.  You can also take a great video cyber-tour of her home. Atomic Learning Atomic Learning provides web-based software training and curriculum resources for more than 110 applications students and educators use every day. . Atomic Learning provides thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies and a library of curriculum resources that can be used as an integral part of a professional development program, a valuable curriculum supplement, and an anytime/anywhere software training resource  Virtual Trip to Brazil.  (6-12) This site has a interactive maps that allows you to travel to several major cities.  You can also like to music clips and explore contemporary culture, society, flora and fauna as well as historical facts, biographies and many color picture. EHow - How to Do Just About Anything  What would you like to do? Tie a tieKiss on a dateLose weightNegotiate a raiseWin Every Time in Monopoly? The eHow™ database of over 100,000 articles can help you. It's the world's most popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything.Every month, over 8 million people visit our site. We have more than 100,000 articles that are professionally written with clear and concise directions on how to do things.  EstuaryLIVE.  This site has live on-demand video for over 20 estuaries.  Gizmos.  This site has gizmos, which areOnline simulations that power inquiry and understanding.  These interactive simulations teach science and math concepts. Los Angeles Web Site and Cam  Live Free Webcams.  Live Free Webcams is one of the fastest growing directory of live webcams.  Live Free Web Cams has listed almost 1000 live web cams from 5 continents and more than 100 countries from all around the world Maui, Hawaii, weather webcams.  This site offers live pictures of different places in Maui, which display the weather.  There are also live web cams and many pictures in this site. NASA Virtual Visits. (4/5-12)  The NASA Glenn Research Center Learning Technologies Project (LTP) offers videoconferencing connections between teachers and students and NASA scientists, engineers, researchers, and education specialists. We have the capability to connect to most videoconferencing networks. NASA's ISDN videoconferencing system is compatible with the following video protocols: H.320 (most equipment meets this standard), H.CTX, H.CTXP, CTX, and CTXP. NestCams  This site from Cornell Lab of Ornithology contains real-time and archival photos that all the study of nesting habits of a variety of birds Panoramas.  This is a great site that allows views to view numerous panoramic views of various places/activities around the world. The featured panoramas at are interactive 360 degree panoramas. The links to them open in a full screen window. Plain English Videos  3 minutes videos on a variety to computer tech topics ReefVid.   A resource of free coral reef video clips for educational use. SeaWorld/Busch Gardens.  This site has many animal movie clips and also virtual activities for students and teachers.  Smithsonian Center for Education & Museum Studies.   This Smithsonian site has field trips and a variety of learning resources. Tramline. (4/5-12) Tramline Web Tours take you through a sequence of Web pages on any given subject. For each page, there is simultaneous commentary in an accompanying window. You move forward and back through the Web Tour using the tour Control Panel and you can leave the Tour to explore links and return to it whenever you want. Tours run on all popular browsers. Y TerraQuest.  (4/5-12)This site allows students to participate in virtual online touring exhibits including Antarctica, the Galapagos, and Yosemite National Park. ThinkPort.  This site is free comprehensive online resource from Maryland Public TV and the Johns Hopkins Univ. Center for Technology in Education.  Thinkport is here to help teachers with the essential information, tools and materials they need to enhance the learning experience all in one place. This site includes a feature that allows teachers to create their own dynamic lesson plans with an interactive builder.  Tornado Field Trip. (4/5-8) SeaWorld  (3-12) SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS exists as the virtual representative of Busch Entertainment Corporation's zoological and educational resources. As such, we are committed to bringing the excitement, wonder, and awe of the natural world into your home, school, business, or place of recreation. We strive to provide an ever evolving kaleidoscope of animal and environmental information. Virtual Egypt. (3-12) This site has a collection of links, picture tours and a vast collection of everything Egypt. Virtual Free Sites(K-12)  A very diverse site with many links.  Click on Virtual Tours and Virtual Cams for numerous virtual tours and live web cams.  These can be used as great online resources for teachers in many areas.  Virtual Sites. (4/5-12) Virtual Tours is a collection of tours for the World, Museums, Exhibits, Points of Special Interest and the US Government. The goal is to provide information which will enhance your journey on the Internet.  This is a large virtual site portal and would make an excellent site for teachers to use in the classroom. Online FIeld Trips for Students