100 Best Video Sites for Educators  BrainPop. (K-12)  BrainPOP is the leading producer of educational animated movies for K-12. The company creates original animated movies to explain concepts in a voice and visual style that is accessible, educational and entertaining for both children and adults.  In the K-12 arena, BrainPOP movies demystify Math, Science, Health, Technology and English topics. Through BrainPOP’s online subscriptionTeachers use movies to enhance traditional classroom learning and Parents are given a safe and informative resource for their children.  This site also has free educational movies to view

See also: BrainPopJr (K-3) BrainPop Espanol BrainPop ESL  ISTE BrainPop Educators site  Class Tech TIps:  VIdeo & Writing Exercises from GrammarFLip  CommonCraaft Teaching Videos Discovery Education Videos Make any video your lesson. Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students' understanding. Sign up. Reinforce accountability. Know if your students are watching your videos, how many times per section and if they're understanding the content. Engage students easily. Enable self-paced learning with ... Google Video  This site is part of Google and has an index of million of videos  JohnLocker  This site ahs a variety of documentaries listed by category Kids'Vid  THis site allows teachers and students the tools necessary to implement video production in the classroom Khanacademy This site has over 3000 videos and related informtion. NextVista  Next Vista works to make learning more engaging, with a focus on helping students start strong with any topic they study. Its central project is a free, online library of teacher- and student-made short videos for learners everywhere. Next Vista believes a strong four-minute video could save students days or weeks of frustration by providing a variety of presentations on the topics that give them trouble PBS Videos SchoolTube  SchoolTube provides students and educators a safe, world class, and FREE media sharing website that is nationally endorsed by premier education associations.  SchoolTube is the recognized leader for moderated, internet media sharing for teachers and students. All student created materials on SchoolTube must be approved by registered teachers, follow local school guidelines, and adhere to our high standards. SnagFIlms   A database for documentaries  TeacherTube.  This site is an extension of YouTube. This site has a large amount of videos for teacher use. Teachers TV  This site  has engaging videos, practical resources and an active online community.  Teachers TV supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field TED Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world Tubechop  This site allow a user to 'chop' a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it YouTube.  This site have 100s of videos (no pornography allowed) that have been uploaded for free viewing.  Videos are upload by users. Use with caution due to the possible inappropriate nature of some videos.  NASA Television on YouTube  NOVA Online on YouTube United Streaming. This site has  a digital video-on-demand service brought to you by Discovery Education. Find out what 25,000 schools and over 10,500,000 students and teachers already know—unitedstreaming works!  With unitedstreaming, you get: The largest and most current K-12 video/video clip library available today. The only standards-based video-on-demand application shown to increase student achievement. Practical teacher and student learning resources.  VideoClassroom. (K-12)  Video Classroom is a collection of video and radio programs documenting K-12 teachers, student teachers, faculty and administrators in real life classroom experiences. Click here to enter Video Classroom or see our suggestions below on how to get started. instructional setting featured in the classroom clip.. Along with our classroom segments, Video Classroom also offers you additional resources such as extended interview segments, extended classroom segments, suggested websites, and discussion questions, all to help you use the segment or replicate the lesson in your classroom. Virtual Jamestown  The Virtual Jamestown Archive is a digital research, teaching and learning project that explores the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and "the Virginia experiment." As a work in progress, Virtual Jamestown aims to shape the national dialogue on the occasion of the four hundred-year anniversary observance in 2007 of the founding of the Jamestown colony.  Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution  An Internet exploration of the American Revolution WatchKnow  (K-12) WatchKnow is both a resource for users and also a non-profit, online community that encourages everyone to collect, create, and share free, innovative, educational videos.  WatchKnow is now officially launched, after being developed for over a year. Whether you’re a student, a parent, a teacher, or just someone who cares about the education of children, you can now use our service and get involved to make it even better.