The Academy of Natural Sciences. INTERACTIVE This site is located in Philadelphia and is home to the international museum of natural history operating since 1812, undertakes research and public education that focus on the environment and its diverse species. Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum. INTERACTIVE American Museum of Natural History Presents Ology  (3-8) INTERACTIVE This site has 10 topics, archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, earth, Einstein, genetics, marine biology, paleontology, water and zoology.  Also included are 10-30 different quizzes, games, interview puzzles and related activities American Museum of Natural History. INTERACTIVE Black Inventor Online Museum (6-12) INTERACTIVE Welcome to the Black Inventor Online Museum , a look at the great and often unrecognized pioneers in the field of invention and innovation. Achievements by Black inventors can be seen as far back as ancient Africa but much of society has no idea that many of the products or devices that make their everyday lives more enjoyable are the result of the hard work and ingenuity of Blacks.  The Boston Museum of Science.. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.  Europeana Online library - museum, text books, newspapers, letter, diaries and archival papers, sound music  The Exploratorium. INTERACTIVE The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception located in San Francisco, California. Online since 1993, the Exploratorium was one of the first science museums to build a site on the World Wide Web. Included in the site are more than 10,000 Web pages and hundreds of sound and video files, exploring hundreds of different topics. The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Great Museums INTERACTIVE An online guide to great museums. HirshHorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens INTERACTIVE Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.  Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum was originally the vision of Zachary Fisher, who spent 24 million of his own money in order to save the Intrepid from being sent to the scrap yard. Miami Museum of Science. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. INTERACTIVE Museum Stuff. INTERACTIVE This site is devoted to art museums, history museum, science museums, archaeology museums, anthropology museums, natural history museums, zoos, arboretums, planetariums, and sites of historical interest for travelers, children, educators, families, and artists. We have archives and indexes of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, watercolors, prints, photography and 3-D art and design. We also have links to maritime museums, aviation museums, holocaust memorial museums, folk-art museums, outsider art museums, local history museums, asian art museums, Picasso paintings and museums, Van Gogh paintings and museums, Monet paintings and museums, and Salvador Dali paintings and museums. Plus, museum shops and museum shopping including museum shop merchandise and gift, Christmas and birthday presents and shopping ideas. Newseum. ONLINE  This site is an interactive online new museum.  The world's first interactive museum of news — the Newseum — opened in Arlington, Va., in 1997. Its mission was simple: to help the public and the news media understand one another better. National Museum of American History INTERACTIVE National Museum of the American Indian. National Postal Museum. INTERACTIVE The Natural History Museum. INTERACTIVE The Natural History Museum is the United Kingdom's national museum of natural history, and a centre of scientific excellence in taxonomy and biodiversity. Normal Rockwell Museum INTERACTIVE Ology from the American Museum of Natural  History.  OLogy is a totally free Web site for kids. It offers a unique Museum experience for kids through stories, games, and activities based on their interests in specific OLogies. The Official Museum Directory   For nearly 40 years The Official Museum Directory has provided the most accurate and up-to-date information on America's museums. We currently list over 11,000 institutions of every size and type in all 50 states, including museums, historic sites, planetariums, technology centers, art galleries, aquariums and zoos The Smithsonian Institution. INTERACTIVE The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. INTERACTIVE  Smithsonian Center for Education & Museum Studies. INTERACTIVE   This Smithsonian site has field trips and a variety of learning resources. TheTech – Museum of Innovation. INTERACTIVE The United Kingdom Science Museum. INTERACTIVE United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. INTERACTIVE  University of Wisconsin Department of Geology and Geophysics Geology Museum. INTERACTIVE Virtual Library Museum Pages. INTERACTIVE A distributed directory of online museums worldwide.