BrainPop Espanol BrainPop videos in Spanish Bilingual Books for Kids.  This site provides information about books written with Spanish and English appearing side-by-side. Cuba (Kuba) is one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit. The Caribbean island tempts many travelers with its warm azure waters and perfect beaches. The water ranges from pale aqua to deep sapphire, the spectrum changing hourly as the relentless Cuban sun sweeps across the island sky.  Casa de Joanna:  Language Learning Resources.  This site contains 0n and off line activities for middle and high school Spanish and French classes.  There are also lesson plans and printable worksheets. Don Quijote.  This is a site to learn Spanish.  Also included are popular sayings, jokes in Spanish and a verg conjugator   EL Easton’s Spanish portal type site. INTERACTIVE  Interactive Alphabet in French, Spanish and English Learn Spanish This site can assist student to learn new Spanish words easily. There are 40 learning topics to choose from with over 1,400 Spanish words and phrases.  Additional topics may be added in the future. My Spanish Picture Dictionary INTERACTIVE  This site is an online resource to learn Spanish or English words in a fun way.  Each word in the dictionary has an English – Spanish translation and a photograph of the item.  The interface is a simple and learners will find this resource entertaining and educational. Paso Partners.  This site provides bilingual lesson plans for K-3 students that integrate science, math and language. Quia Spanish Activities INTERACTIVE  This site has a variety of free Spanish based activities.  There is also a link that will take you to a login screen for more activities.  There is a free 30 day trial and then of course the pay subscription. Quiz Tree INTERACTIVE This site has free interactive quizzes for Spanish, Elementary Math, Fractions, Geography SAT Verbal and Spelling. Spanish Class Online Spanish Grammar Exercises INTERACTIVE Spanish Steps Our aim is to provide students, both individuals or companies, with quality native Spanish language training in London covering a wide range of necessities from single lessons to complete immersional packages delivered to your home or workplace: Spanish conversational lessons; one to one Spanish tuition as well as in company groups, crash courses, business Spanish, Institute Cervantes preparation  Spanish Vocabulary Site. Study Spanish.  This site has online tutorials as well as a vocabulary builder, travel help and verb drills. Vocabulary Training Exercises for Spanish Students (4/5-12) INTERACTIVE World of Teaching.  INTERACTIVE (K-12)  This site contains a variety of PowerPoint teaching presentations in Biology, Chemistry, Math, English, History, Physics, Geography and Spanish.