www.dartmouth.edu/~chance The Chance Database Welcome Page. (9-12) This site provides access to materials and other resources designed to help each a course on change, introductory probability or statistics.

www.homeworkspot.com/high/math/probability.htm Homework Spot: Probability. (9-12) This site is for teachers, student and parents.  It provides teaching tips and resources for many confusing and frequently asked questions.

http://www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/toc_vol6.html Mrs Glosser’s Math Goodies:  Probability. (9-12) INTERACTIVE    This site has a number of lesson plans that deal with probability.

http://mathforum.org/probstat/probstat.projects.html Probability and Statistics Internet Project.(K-12)  This portal type site has links to various Web sites that provide challenges, puzzles, lesson, etc. tha6t reflect probability in the classroom.

www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/tools.html Schodor Math Tools (6-12) INTERACTIVE.  These tools listed below are designed such that they can be used as stand-alone applications in analyzing or organizing numbers and data. They are a subset of the activities . All Interactivity activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser. Included are links to Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Statistics and more.

www.stat.ucla.edu UCLA Statistics Homepage. (9-12)  This site provides access to information on statistics and database that could be used for teaching statistics.  There are also links to other related resources.

www.census.gov  U.S. Census Bureau Home Page.