AIMS Puzzle Corner (K-8) The goal of the AIMS Puzzle Corner is to provide teachers with a variety of interesting puzzles that can be used to create a learning environment where students engage in doing mathematics just for the fun of it! With the proper encouragement and enthusiasm on the part of the teacher, students can learn to enjoy puzzles and the mathematics behind them.  Archimedes’ Laboratory. (6-12) This site is a collection of math puzzles, paradoxical problems, tessellations, optical illusions, and mazes. Bill’s Games. (4-12) INTERACTIVE  This site provides more than a dozen free, Web-based games for students.  Among the board and logic games puzzles are Connect 4 and Tower of Hanoi.  Catchup Math  This site is targets towards at risk student's math performance.  The online programs has a cycle of quizzes, reviews and practice questions that are geared for per-Algebra, Algebra1 & 2 and geometry.  This site has quizzes, videos, activities and games to help students 'catchup'.  This site can also be used with a SmartBoard. Dads Math Worksheets DreamBox  Experience the adaptive, online K-8 math program proven to raise student achievement while supporting informed decision making.. Experience Math and Science with Gizmos (3-12) INTERACTIVE  This site features 450 interactive simulations for math and science - 30 free trial   Free Puzzles. (3-12) INTERACTIVE This site has numerous math related puzzles.  This site is a great resource for teacher to use and for students to view also. HoodaMath This site has a variety of Math games and a downloadable app New & Improved Fruit Games. (3-8) This is an interesting interactive games that encourages students to analyze the game for the winning strategy.  This site is best of students who appreciate challenges and who do not need to always to win. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles (5-8)  This site has a collection of interactive puzzles/games for students to solve.  The games/puzzles can be sued to simulate investigation into winning strategies and the underlying mathematics.  K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips and Tricks (5-11). INTERACTIVE  This site has an extensive collection of math problems, puzzles, tips, and tricks. Math Games (1-6) INTERACTIVE This site has interactive activities in games format that will allow elementary students to practice basic math skills. Mathspace  We want to put the focus back on learning for engagement, meaning and personal growth. That’s why we built Mathspace to support students at every step of their calculations, with feedback, hints and suggestions. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts, and build strong growth mindsets. With Mathspace you can easily see how individual students are tracking and can pinpoint areas of struggle. Math Worksheet World (K-12) Our web site features over 12,000 printable worksheets, lessons, quizzes, math review sheets, and answer keys. This is in addition to our high quality math worksheet makers. All items can be access by our members.  Our printable worksheets are available in PDF format for all members. Primary Games - Math. (K-8) INTERACTIVE   This site was created by Susan Shuey Beasley. I am a Technology Support Specialist at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.  TJHSST is located in Alexandria, VA and is part of Fairfax County Public Schools.  I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a B.S. in Family and Child Development and in 1997 with a M.A.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. Math Cats (1-6) INTERACTIVE   This site is a collection of math games, quizzes, and interactive projects for elementary school students.  Math Hunt. (3-6) INTERACTIVE  Elementary school children tem up with Number Cruncher (animated octopus) to search for science or social studies info, using the facts they’ve gathered to complete activities involving addition, subtraction, charts, graphs, decimals, ratios, proportions and more.  MathSlice (3-8) INTERACTIVE We love children and our mission is to improve the mathematical skills of children. All the worksheets on this web-site are free and you can print as many as you want for your children use.  Mathguide (6-12) INTERACTIVE  This site offers puzzles, projects, tutorials and online quizzes (lessons), and a help center for middle and high school students and teachers. (7-12).  This site provides a collection of geometry, tiling, and other types of math puzzles. Puzzles and Quizzes (1-8) INTERACTIVE  This site features a number of online math games and puzzles including Connect 4 and many others.  It also offers a math tool that generates addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems for elementary and middle school students.    Max’s Math Adventures (K-2) INTERACTIVE  This site is a math and language arts online game where primary grade students try to solve real-world  math problems by using clue found in a fun, rhyming poem.  The site includes a teacher’s guide as well as a printable activity sheet and extension challenges for each story.  Pentominos Puzzle Solver (5-12).  A pentomino consists of five equal-sized squares attached edge-to-edge to form a shape.  Twelve pentominoes that can be formed in this way, plus their reflections and rotations. Primary Games.  This site was created by Susan Beasley, a Technology Support Specialist at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.  TJHSST is located in Alexandria, VA and is part of Fairfax County Public Schools. This site was originally designed for her own  students.  It includes online games for the following areas, Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies and more. Seeing Math Software. (8 -12) Seeing Math™ has developed a series of interactive software that clarify key mathematical ideas for teachers and students of algebra. Shodor Software. (8-12) INTERACTIVE   This is a collection of over 60 Java applets for all levels of math with student activities. These tools listed below are designed such that they can be used as stand-alone applications in analyzing or organizing numbers and data. They are a subset of the activities All Interactivate activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser. The Ultimate Puzzle Site. (5-12) Lots of challenging puzzles and riddles & exciting interactive quizzes and tests!