www.aaamath.com AAAMath (K-8) INTERACTIVE This site, by John Banfill has more than 200 pages of math exercise organized by grade level and topic.  There are interactive demonstrations and other interesting activities.

http://richardphillips.org.uk/number  About the Numbers in Today’s Date.  (4-12)  This site is about the Numbers in Today’s Date, based on Richard Phillip’s book, it presents facts about individual numbers taken from the date. 

www.learningwave.com/abmath Absurd Math (6-12)  This site is is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series. The player proceeds on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas. Anytime a player needs help, they may email our staff for assistance. We try to respond within two days. Teachers and parents, email us for answer keys.

http://www.ofcn.org/cyber.serv/academy/ace  Academy Curricular Exchange. (K-12) This site is a portal type-site with links to Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, & Science lesson plans for all levels. 

www.eduplace.com/search/activity2.html Activity Search (K-8) This site from Houghton Mifflin, features a curriculum database where K-8 teachers can search for math lesson plans/activities. Also include are the following areas Science, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, & Art.

http://www.awesomelibrary.org   Awesome Library Math Lesson Plans. (K-12) This site has a large number of links to Math lesson plans.

www.eduplace.com/math/brain  Brain Teasers. (3-7) INTERACTIVE These brainteaser activities are for grades 3-7 and can be used as lesson openers or as a way to integrate math into other areas of the curriculum.  There are new teasers every week.

www.canteach.ca/elementary/math.html Can Teach   Math CanTeach was created to assist teachers in finding and using resources online. Although this site has resources which all educators will find useful, we have attempted to place emphasis on lesson plans, resources, & links which have a Canadian focus since there is a need for such materials on the web. The resources are broken up into two categories.

http://csmith.info/clocks/teachingtime Chris's Virtual Clock and Watch Collection (K-6) This site has virtual clock, watches and timers as well as links to related worksheets, lesson plans and printables.

http://www.coolmath4kids.com Cool Math 4 Kids. (PreK-8) INTERACTIVE Cool math 4 kids is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!  Math really CAN be fun and really CAN be easy to learn.  This site includes Math lessons, Math problems, math dictionary and a Geometry link.

http://deeper-math.weebly.com/ Deeper Math Activities

www.firstinmath.com  First in Math.  This site has web-based math skills including various types of games to help build K-8 math skills which are aligned to national standards.  Included are pre and post tests and real-time assessment that measure progress.

www.homeschoolmath.net/worksheets Free Math Worksheets.  Homeschool Math offers several worksheet generators that can create a variety of math worksheets for you.  You can customize the worksheets with many varied options, so can make them easy or difficult according to the student's level.  Each time you get a different worksheet since they are generated randomly

www.sciencegems.com/math.html Frank Potter’s Science Gems-Mathematics. (K-12)  INTERACTIVE This site has an extensive collection of lessons plans and actives which have been divided into 23 categories.

www.thefutureschannel.com  The Futures Channel  This sit has multimedia math and science teaching resource for all grade levels, including lesson plans and short videos about the uses of math and science in real-world settings.

http://convertit.comConvert It.  (6-12) INTERACTIVE This site has a wide range of calculators for currency rate, temperatures, time zones, measures and weights.

www.dositey.com Dositey (K-12) INTERACTIVE Dositey.com provides highly interactive programs in Math and Language Arts, online courses, a wide range of printable worksheets, open-ended and critical thinking problems and many other activities for grades K-8.  Most of the Dositey.com content is free.  There are interactive step-by-step lessons and exercises explaining  math concepts, as well as very detailed beginning readers course, and many other interesting activities. 

http://arcytech.org/java  Educational Java Programs (4-8) INTERACTIVE  This site by Jacobo Bulaevsky, has a number of Java applets with lessons for teaching about whole numbers, fractions, the Pythagorean Theorem and other related math topics.

http://www.mathteaching.org/math-teacher-resources-lesson-plans-games-more  Math Resources, Lesson Plans and Games

www.explorelearning.com Math & Science Gizmos from Explore Learning INTERACTIVE.  ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12. We call these simulations Gizmos. Gizmos are fun, easy to use, and flexible enough to support many different teaching styles and contexts. Our Gizmos are designed as supplemental curriculum materials that support state and national curriculum standards; in addition, Gizmos help teachers bring research-proven instructional strategies to their classrooms.

www.expertmath.org The Expert Mathematician. (6-9) The Expert Mathematician is a middle school mathematics curriculum that is designed on solid educational theories and practices. It contains general mathematics, pre-algebra and algebra lessons that engage students of all learning styles and prior experience in constructing their own knowledge.   It promotes cooperative learning and builds confidence and skills in mathematical communication. Consumable lesson materials leverage the Logo computer language as a powerful delivery vehicle for the Standards-based mathematics curriculum.

www.figurethis.org Figure This! Challenges for Families. (5-8) This site is designed to encourage families to do mathematics with their 10-14 year old children in the after school hours.   The rigorous, enjoyable challenges illustrate the high-quality mathematics that middle school students need to know to complete math courses essential for future success.

http://www.funbrain.com/kidscenter.html  Fun Brain. (K-8) INTERACTIVE FunBrain.com develops innovative technology for kids and teachers, including online learning games and teaching tools, and has quickly become a leading education site for K-8 kids and teachers. In early 1999, FunBrain.com became its own entity in order to focus solely on providing teachers, parents, and kids with the tools they need to succeed. This site has numerous math games and activities for students. 

www.gamequarium.com Gamequaium.  INTERACTIVE  This site has a huge variety of online educational games, videos, and online reading activies.  Today’s students need to be guided in developing the ability to make use of the Internet and multimedia technology to increase critical literacy skills and essential knowledge. 

http://www.explorelearning.com Explore Learning Gizimos for science and math.

www.hbschool.com/glossary/math Harcourt Brace Math Glossary. (1-8) INTERACTIVE This site has an animated glossary of mathematical terms student should be familiar with sorted by grades levels 1-8.  A good math resource.

http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~moursund/Math Improving Mathematics Education. INTERACTIVE The purpose of this website, by Dave Moursund, is to help in the process of substantially improving PreK-12 Math Education. Three major "change agents" are explored from a math education point of view:  Brain Science, Craft & Science of Teaching & Learning (C&S of T&L) & Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

http://illuminations.nctm.org Illuminuations (K-12) The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership, and professional development to support teachers in ensuring mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students. With 100,000 members and 250 affiliates, NCTM is the world’s largest organization dedicated to improving math education in preK-12.  

http://www.learner.org/interactives Interactives. INTERACTIVE (K-8) Interactives" provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas including Math, Science, Language, History and Arts.

http://www.cut-the-knot.org/index.shtml Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles (3-12)   This portal type of site is for teachers, parents and students who seek engaging mathematics. Many of the topics are accompanied by Java illustrations. There are more than 900 Java applets. The applets can be licensed by teachers for inclusion in their own pages.

http://investigations.terc.edu  Investigations in Number, Data and Spaces. (K-5)  This site has sample lessons and activity-based math investigations for student.  You will need to have Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to view this information.

www.kidsnumbers.com Kids Numbers (2-8) INTERACTIVE  This is an interactive site where students can text their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplications and division skills with online games and flash cards.

www.livemath.com Live Math. INTERACTIVE  This is an interactive site that webifies computer algebra and graphing.  It also includes free downloadable software and many related resources.

www.learningwave.com Learning Wave.  (K-12) Learning Wave is a producer of high quality, award-winning videos, CD-ROMs and other supplementary materials for math education. Under the name HRM Video we've produced innovative programs including our middle school math mysteries, applications-based high school videos, and math tutorials. Learning Wave is dedicated to providing the same student-and-teacher-friendly programs.

http://mathforum.org/library/resource_types/lesson_plans Math Forum@ Drexel Lesson Plans (K-12)  This site has a large collection of lesson plans and lesson plan collection organized by grade level and topic. 

www.mste.uiuc.edu/mccall/mainlesson.html Lessons to Motivate Underachieving Math Students. (8-12) This is a gateway site that provides a collection of links to sites that contain a variety of lessons/activities that are useful for motivating students who underachieve in mathematics.

www.math.com/teachers.html   Math.com INTERACTIVE This site is a portal type site that has a listing of sites offering math lesson plans and related math references and an online generator for algebra worksheets.

http://math-and-reading-help-for-kids.org Math and Reading Help for Kids. INTERACTIVE  Whether your child is a gifted child or is struggling in school, you will find the children’s learning solutions recommended by this site to be an effective learning supplement to your child’s regular schooling. The recommended resources include: math and reading games, special education, and a variety of math and reading tutoring solutions including live online tutoring

http://archives.math.utk.edu Math Archives. (K-12) INTERACTIVE This site is hosted by SunSITE, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  It has numerous links to tutorials, drills and quizzes in many mathematical areas.

www.mathcats.com Math Cats.  (3-8) INTERACTIVE This site has been created by Wendy Petti  for children to promote open-ended and playful explorations of important math concepts. In this corner, we as educators will look at ways to make the most of mathematical opportunities, here at Math Cats and in the world around us.

http://www.learner.org/exhibits/dailymath Math in Daily Life.  (4-8) INTERACTIVE This site explores how numbers effect everyday decisions.

www.mathdittos2.com Math Dittos(3-8) INTERACTIVE The MATH DITTOS 2 series is a unique, fact supported approach to teaching computation. Each page in the series presents a limited number of problems with plenty of workspace. The facts necessary to complete each problem are always presented on the page in a fact reference and practice section. The MD2 series currently consists of three "workbooks" published as computer documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

www.mathdrill.com Math Drill. (3-12) INTERACTIVE  Work interactively for FREE from your home on Math problems organized into 86 levels (and increasing ) of addition, subtraction, ordering, multiplication and division, dealing with numbers and fractions, decimals, percent, algebra, geometry, time, in direct as well as more analytic word problem format. Now with step-by-step explanations for answers!

http://mathfactcafe.com/  Math Fact Café (K-6) INTERACTIVE  This site provides access to hundreds of pre-generated math fact sheets and interactive flashcards for Grades K-6.  Teachers can also build their own custom sheets to meet a student’s specific needs.

www.mathisfun.com  Math is Fun (K-6) INTERACTIVE the idea behind the site is to offer mathematics as well as some fun bits, and to combine the two wherever possible

www.mathgoodies.com Math Goodies. (5-8) INTERACTIVE This site features interactive math lessons, worksheets homework help, puzzles and more.  There are over 400 pages of free math activities and resources for teachers and students.

www.ilovethatteachingidea.com/ideas/subj_math.htm Math Ideas. (K-6)  Math Teaching Ideas for K-6 classes.  Activities teach angles, place value, graphing, weather tracking, prime factors and more.

www.math-kitecture.org Math Kitecture. (6-9) INTERACTIVE Math-Kitecture is about using Architecture to do Math (and vice versa). Students can become architects in their mathematics classroomsMath-Kitecture has a number of activities, including "Floor Plan your Classroom," which offer engaging ways for students to study mathematics by doing real-life architecture. Students learn estimation, measuring skills, proportion, and ratios by hand-drafting a floor plan of their classroom to scale.

www.mathematics.hellam.net Mathematical Interactive (K12) INTERACTIVE This site is dedicated entirely to games.  Wide variety of games that cover a wide variety of math subjects!

http://www.edinformatics.com/mathmol MathMol K-12 Activity Page (K-12) INTERACTIVE  This page serves as a starting point for those interested in learning about the field of molecular modeling and its relationship to mathematics. 

www.mathmovesu.com MathMovesU  (3-10) INTERACTIVE  This site from Raytheon, has interactive math actives for grades 3-10

http://themathpage.com/ MathPage (7-12) INTERACTIVE This site provides a complete online refresher course in arithmetic covering whole numbers, fractions, and other basic number topics for grades 7-12. 

www.mathpages.com  Math Pages. (6-12) INTERACTIVE A comprehensive math site by Kevin Brown.

http://mathforum.org/math.topics.html  Math Resources by Subject 9-12 INTERACTIVE This site provides classroom materials for teachers and students for arithmetic, algebra, and other math subjects.  Featured are lesson plans, interactive activities, and materials, and Web sites for each topic area. 

http://library.wolfram.com/infocenter   Math Information Center. (9-12)  This site has a vast electronic library of Mathematica materials, including immediately accessible Mathematica programs, documents, and examples. Established in 1990, MathSource offers a convenient way for Mathematica developers and users to share their work with others in the Mathematica community. In MathSource you can either browse the archive or search by author, title, keyword, or item number.

www.mathleague.com Math League (4-8) Math competition site for grades 4-8.

www.mathstories.com Math Stories (1-8) INTERACTIVE The goal of this math website is to help elementary and middle school children improve their math problem solving and critical-thinking skills. It has over 7,500 interactive and non-interactive NCTM compliant math word problems for children to enjoy!  Topics include whole numbers, fractions and decimals, magic with numbers, children’s books and thematic word problems.

http://themathworksite.com/  Math Work (1-6) INTERACTIVE.  This site allows elementary school teachers to create and print math worksheets for addition, subtraction. Multiplication, and division of whole numbers, as well as for some fractions, graphing, and measurement topics. 

http://themathworksite.com  MathWork Worksheets. (1-6) INTERACTIVE  This site is from Scott Bryce and allows elementary teachers to create and print math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and some fractions and measurement topics

http://archives.math.utk.edu/k12.html Mathematics Archives (K-12)  This site has an extensive collection of lesson plans and related activities as well as other Internet resources for teaching math.

http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/pres/map  The Mathematics of Cartography. (4+) INTERACTIVE   This site contains comprehensive and extensive information on maps and the mathematics involved in them.  It provides information what maps are, the history of mapmaking and the mathematics of maps.  There are also links to other related sites.

http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/Lessons Mathematics Lessons from Cynthia Lanius (6-12) This site has a variety of math lesson plans including math puzzles, algebra and geometry problems.

www.nationalmathtrail.org National Math Trail.  The National Math Trail is now in its third year, thanks to renewed support from the US Department of Education's Star Schools program, through the Satellite Education Resources Consortium (SERC), and NEC Foundation.   The National Math Trail is an opportunity for K-12 teachers and students to discover and share the math that exists in their own environments.

http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/ NCES’ Kids Graphing Page (6-8) INTERACTIVE This site provides an interactive online tool for middle school students to create a pie, line, area, or bar graph with their own real-life data.

www.nectar.ca NECTAR develops innovative educational programs featuring integrated curriculum, interactive technologies and individualised student programs. The acronym NECTAR stands for New Era Classroom, Technology and Research.

www.onlinemathleague.com Online Math League. (3-12) INTERACTIVE The Online Math League offers fun, challenging math contests to schools and individuals in Grades 3-12. OML contests stimulate student interest in mathematics through the use of: Great Tests, Immediate Feedback, Options for Schools, Individuals, and Home schooled Students and Class Awards

www.quickmath.com QuickMath (8-12) INTERACTIVE QuickMath is an automated service for answering common math problems over the internet.  Think of it as an online calculator that solves equations and does all sorts of algebra and calculus problems - instantly and automatically!   When you submit a question to QuickMath, it is processed by Mathematica, the largest and most powerful computer algebra package available today. The answer is then sent back to you and displayed right there on your browser, usually within a couple of seconds.

www.learner.org/teacherslab/math/patterns Patterns in Mathematics from the Anneberg CPB Math &Science Project (K-8)

http://www.philtulga.com Phil Tulga -Music through Curriculum (3-8) This site from Phil Tulga, contains a large number of free music activities and arts integration lessons that connect music to reading, math and science.  In addition, he posts information on his latest music education products.

http://www.utm.edu/research/primes/ Prime Pages (9-12) INTERACTIVE.  The Prime Pages offer an extensive collection of material about prime numbers, including the sieve of Eratosthenes, lists of prime numbers and factorizations, the Mersenne primes, and a general historical introduction to primes.

www.proteacher.com/100000.shtml  ProTeacher - Math Lesson Plans (K-6)  This site has whole number operations, fractions, decimals, geometry and other related lesson plans.

www.utm.edu/research/primes/largest.html The Largest Known Primes. (5/6+) INTERACTIVE  This site provides information on prime numbers, what they are, why they are important, types of and largest known. There are also links to other sites on primes.

www.rainforestmath.com Rain Forest Math INTERACTIVE (K-12) This is a portal type site For resources and information on Math games and Math Game

www.rainforestmaths.com RainForest Maths INTERACTIVE (1-6)  Interactive Math activities for grades K-6.

www.rhlschool.com/mathematics.htm  RHL School’s Mathematics. (3-8) INTERACTIVE  This sit has printable computational and problem-solving worksheets to enhance mathematics programs.

http://teacherpathfinder.org/School/math.html Schoolhouse:  Mathematics (K-12) INTERACTIVE  This site has a collection of math lesson plans for arithmetic, algebra and geometry.  This site is searchable.

http://teacher.scholastic.com/lessonrepro Scholastic Math Lesson Plans & Reproducibles. (1-8)   This site by Scholastic contains a collection of lesson plans and ready-to-use reproducible activities as well as recommended Web sites.

http://seeingmath.concord.org Seeing Math. (K-12)  INTERACTIVE  Seeing Math™ guides each participant through a unique and deep learning experience. Participants gain content mastery, but Seeing Math™ also stimulates observation, analysis and reflection that helps educators effectively apply this knowledge in the classroom. Seeing Math™ facilitators interact with participants as a "guide on the side" rather than a "sage on the stage," channeling discussion to key learning points and ensuring a thoughtful, probing dialogue.

www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/tools.html Schodor Math Tools (6-12) INTERACTIVE.  These tools listed below are designed such that they can be used as stand-alone applications in analyzing or organizing numbers and data. They are a subset of the activities . All Interactivity activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser. Included are links to Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Statistics and more

www.songsforteaching.com Songs for Teaching. Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum -- to students of all ages. A host of educational experts brings you tested ideas for using the magic of music in your lesson plans.     This site contains thousands of pages for you to peruse -- many with lyrics, sound clips, and teaching suggestions.

http://teacherpathfinder.org/School/math.html Schoolhouse: Mathematics. (K-12)  This site has a large collection of math lesson plans which are divided into 12 categories.

www.iit.edu/~smile/mathinde.html Smile Program Mathematics Index.  (K-12) This site has a collection of about 200 single concept lessons that are divided into the categories of Geometry and Measurement, Patterns and Logic, Probability and Statistics, Recreational and Creative Math, Practical and Applied Math Arithmetic, Graphs and Visuals, Algebra and Trigonometry and Misc.

www.squeakland.org Squeak Etoys (4-12)  This site has an open source, free downloadable software program that supports inquiry learning and problem solving by elementary through high school students, especially in math and science.

http://sosmath.com S.O.S. Mathematics. (7-12)  This site is from the Univ. of Texas and contains a variety of online worksheets for the following topics; algebra, trigonometry, calculus and related advanced math topics.  Exercises include the solution and appropriate practice work.

http://mathforum.org/alejandre/index1.html Suzanne’s Mathematics Lessons. (6-8)  This site includes Suzanne’s original lesson plans concerning designs with circles, factoring through geometry, algebraic factoring, tessellations, creating magic squares, polyhedra, and fractals. 

http://superkids.com/aweb/tools/math/  SuperKids: Math Worksheet Creator (K-12).  This site provides ready-to-be-printed math drill worksheets that elementary school teachers can create to their specifications.  Topics range from whole number addition to fractions.  This site also offers a collection of classic spatial reasoning and strategy games that are played online. 

http://mathforum.org/t2t/  Teacher2Teacher.  This is an online peer-to-peer resource for K-12 teachers who have questions about teaching math. 

http://www.theteacherscorner.net/math/  Teacher’s Corner: Math. (K-12)  This site has K-12 math lesson plans concerning a variety of topics. 

http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/  Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers. (K-5)  This site contains a collection of math and time-filler activities, it also includes worksheets which can be printed for classroom use. 

http://www.teachnet.com/lesson/math/  Teachnet.com’s Math Lesson Plans.  (K-12)  This site includes lesson plans for geometry, maps, and graphs, money, real world, terminology, and general math areas. 

http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/lesson_plans/math/  TeAch-nology.com’s Math Lesson Plans. (K-12)  This site includes a great deal of math lesson plans covering many topics, it also includes math worksheets for classroom use.  ol of correct solution.  The prize is a Casio calculators.  There is also an archive of past problems for each category.

http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html  National Library of Virtual Manipulative (K-12)  This site has online manipulative and are grouped by grade-level ranges and topics and can be use with whole class instruction or individual PC station.  Categories include Number and Operation, Geometry and Measurement.

http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/  U.S. Mint Programs. (K-6)  This site offers downloadable math lesson plans based on its 50 State Quarters Program. 

http://villainyinc.thinkport.org/teachers/default.asp Villainy Inc. INTERACTIVE. (5-8) This site is for Middle School Math teachers and employs a new innovative method of engaging students as they learn math concepts.

http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/lessons/index.html#math  Your Timesavers:  Mathematics Lesson Plans.  (5-12)  This site includes original Web-based mathematics lesson plans.

www.webmath.com WebMath. (4-12)  INTERACTIVE  This site is composed of many math "fill-in-forms" into which you can type the math problem you're working on. Linked to these forms is a powerful set of math-solvers, that can instantly analyze your problem, and when possible, provide you with a step-by-step solution, instantly!   At Webmath, you don't have to wait for an email response or post your question to an electronic bulletin board and hope someone will answer it.