www.africam.com  AfriCam. INTERACTIVE AfriCam allows views to view live real time images from various site in Africa.  If you get the message that you must download Microsoft Virtual Machine, you can click cancel to view this site without this download.

www.discovery.com Animal Cams. INTERACTIVE Click on Animal Planet and then click on Live Cams to see a listing of various animal cams.

www.earthcam.com Earth Cam. INTERACTIVE Earth Cam is the premiere global network of live Internet cameras.

www.earthcamforkids.com Earth Cams for Kids. INTERACTIVE This portal type site allows student to search for and view various web cams all over the earth.

http://www.leonardsworlds.com  Leonard’s World. INTERACTIVE You should be able to find a live web cam to almost anything you are looking for here.

www.live-free-webcams.com Live Free Webcams. INTERACTIVE Live Free Webcams is one of the fastest growing directories of live webcams.  Live Free Web Cams has listed almost 1000 live web cams from 5 continents and more than 100 countries from all around the world!

http://panoramas.dk Panoramas.  This is a great site that allows views to view numerous panoramic views of various places/activities around the world. The featured panoramas at panoramas.dk are interactive 360 degree panoramas. The links to them open in a full screen window.

www.webcam-list.com Webcam List. INTERACTIVE   Webcam List is the fastest growing directory of live free webcams. 
More than 1400 webcams online from 5 continents and more than 100 countries from all around the world!

www.123cam.com Web Cam/Live Video Search Engine

http://www.tiki.net/~rw/video/video.html Weather Web Cams for Maui Hawaii INTERACTIVE

www.weatherimages.org Live Weather Images. INTERACTIVE This site provides concise and user-friendly weather information.  This is a great weather resource site, containing numerous links to everything weather including a live weather cams link.  This weather cam link has hundreds of cam links to the world and to the US.  You can find your state and view the weather and related area.