www.quiz-tree.com Quiz Tree.  This site has free interactive quizzes for Spanish, Elementary Math, Fractions, Geography SAT Verbal and Spelling.

www.aaaspell.com Spelling INTERACTIVE.  Online spelling resource with related lessons and activities.

www.spellingdoctor.com Spelling Doctor.  This site has a huge amount of helpful information related to spelling, related links and helpful material.

www.spelling.hemscott.net Spelling it Right: Learn to Spell Confidently (6-12).  This site by Roger Smith has advice about spelling problems and a series of spelling exercises designed to improve student spelling skills.

www.spellingbee.com Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee. (4-8).  This site offers a year’s worth of vocabulary activities, tips and spelling lessons for grades 4-8.

www.spellingcity.com Spelling City (3-8).  TThis site has over 38,000 spelling words and eight spelling games, a REAL person who says each vocabulary word and sentence, thousands of free spelling lists. Also included is a free forum and newsletter with more spelling resources, Eight spelling and vocabulary games to play with your lists and Printable Games, and Printable Handwriting worksheets.