www.ala.org/greatsites Librarian’s Guide (ALA) to Great Web Sites for Kids. INTERACTIVE

www.ed.gov/pubs/CompactforReading A Compact for Reading & School Home Links.  (K-3/4)  A Compact for Reading is a written agreement among families, teachers, principals, and students to work together to help improve the reading skills of kindergarten through third grade children. Our publications, A Compact for Reading Guide and the School-Home Links Reading Kit, are designed to help Compact partners set reading goals, and provide lessons and activities that allow children to accomplish these goals. 

www.cyberkids.com Cyberkids. (K-8)  INTERACTIVE The mission of Cyberkids is to provide a voice for young people on the Internet. We accomplish this in two ways. First, we publish original creative work by kids ages 7 to 12. Second, in the "Kids Connect" area of Cyberkids, we provide chat rooms and message boards where kids can communicate with their peers. 

http://www.getreadytoread.org Get Ready to Read )K-3) Get Ready to Read! (GRTR!) is a national initiative to build the early literacy skills of preschool-age children. The initiative provides an easy-to-administer, research-based screening tool to early childhood educators, child care providers, and parents in order to help them prepare all children to learn to read and write. 
GRTR!'s program vision is that all preschool children will have the skills they need to learn to read when they enter school. 

www.guysread.com Guys Read INTERACTIVE  Our mission is to motivate boys to read by connecting them.    We have literacy programs for adults and families. GUYS READ is our chance to call attention to boys’ literacy and expand our definition of reading, Include boy-friendly nonfiction, humor, comics, graphic novels, action- adventure, magazines, websites, and newspapers in school reading. Let boys know that all these materials count as reading and more.

http://www.headsprout.com HeadSprout ((K-2).  We help children master basic academic skills with fun, interactive learning programs that work. Our unique combination of Internet-based, animated lessons and educational methods go beyond "edutainment" to teach children complex subject matter in a fast and effective way.   All Headsprout programs are fully learner tested and educationally verified prior to launch.

www.kidsreads.com KidsReads.  Kidsreads is the best place on the web for kids to find info about their favorite books, series and authors. Reviews of the newest titles, interviews with the coolest authors and special features on great books are our specialties. And for even more reading fun we have trivia games, word scrambles and awesome contests!

www.littleexplorers.com Little Explorers. (K-3) INTERACTIVE  This site has an online picture dictionary with more that 1650 entries and related Web sites.  Students can click a letter in the alphabet to hear the pronunciation and see other words that start with that letter. 

http://www.magickeys.com/ Magic Keys. (K-6) INTERACTIVE Go to the Children's Story Books Online link.  This site has numerous storybooks online. This site has received many educational awards. Other links include sounds, riddles, mazes, and coloring books.

www.readingrockets.org Reading Rockets. (1-4)  Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that looks at how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help them. The project is funded by a major grant from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. 

www.starfall.com.  Star Fall(1-4) INTERACTIVE The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service. We also provide writing journals and booksat a very low cost that can be used with the website or separately. Teachers around the country are using Starfall materials as an inexpensive way to make the classroom more fun and to inspire a love of reading and writing. Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall.com is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. Starfall is perfect for Home Schooling.

www.storyplace.org StoryPlace. (1-4) INTERACTIVE Children and their parents have for years enjoyed attending storytimes, checking out books and participating in a number of other educational, entertaining and participatory programs at the various locations of The Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County. StoryPlace, an interactive web site, came about to provide children with the virtual experience of going to the library and participating in the same types of activities the library offers.  

www.studydog.com StudyDog.  StudyDog is a complete Early Reading (pre-K thru 2nd grade) computer-based program aligned with the findings of the National Reading Panel.  StudyDog Reading provides all of the components of a complete, evidence-based, comprehensive, and effective early-childhood reading program.

www.twistynoodle.com TwistyNoodle (K-5) INTERACTIVE.  This site has online coloring pages, worksheets, handwriting sheets and Beginner reader books.