Chronical of Higher Ed Web Site.  Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.. This site concentrates on job posting  opportunities available at kindergarten, elementary schools, junior high, high schools and vocational schools.  Each job posting has complete information, including school name, location, application deadline, salary, contact information, school e-mail address, and the school's web site. School - Jobs. This site is a bulletin board designed to match teachers, administrators, support staff, etc. with schools. You can search for jobs by salary, location, and/or area of expertise.  When you find a position you like, you can contact the school directly to apply.  You can submit your resume, which will be available for schools to inspect.  If a school wants to talk to you, they can contact you directly.  Schools can list job openings and search for potential candidates in the active resumes. The Internet Premier Academic Placement Service. is designed to save you time and money in the job search process. With, the schools come to you. By registering your resume online, you instantly make yourself available to hundreds of schools that are hiring teachers. streamlines the job search process. Within minutes you can create and post your resume and send cover letters to schools via email.