CrickWeb  Math interactive tools for white boards Diana Vanderviltd PortaPortal SmartBoard Portal.  Many great resources for all curriculum areas including SB tutorials Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way.  (K-12)  This site is from Annette Lamb, and has links for Elementary and Middle School in various subject areas. Interactive Math Websites for Interactive WhiteBoards  Interactive Internet Resources for Smart Board. (K-12)  This site has links for Social Studies, Math, Science, Comm Arts, and more. Smart Board Websites (K-5)  This site from East Goshen Elementary has Smart Board related links for the Elementary classroom Interactive Sites for Math on the SmartBoard (1-6)  This site has a large number of  math puzzles and games.  Many can be used with an interactive white board. Modern Chalkboard  This site is a portal stype site for finding free interactive SMARTboard lessons for digital whiteboards Science is Everywhere – Smart Board Websites (4-12) This site from School World has Smart Board related science sites.  Smart Board Template portal site  Smart Board Links (K-12)  This site has many related links including Interactive Site, Training and Instruction, and Educational Resources. Smart Technology Site   Great sites to use with your SmartBoard  Smart Board Websites (K-8)   This site has various Smart Board compatible websites for the Elementary classroom. Smart Board User Websites (K-6)  This site from Wyoming City Schools has a number of websites for use on your Smart Board Notebook 10 Resources that You Can Use (K-12) This site from ETC includes podcasts, videos, blogs and websites.  Smart Technologies Sites (K-8) This site from Arlys Peterson has a large number of links/sites all related to Smart Board and Smart Board technologies Teachers Loves SmartBoard - Resources for the Classroom (K-12)

SmartBoard Companion Websites – in no particular order GlogsterEDU Go Animate Scribblar Create A Graph Educreations Blooming Apps Building Language through for Literacy from Scholastic FlashCards Fridge Magnet Poetry Magnetic Poetry Tiles Make A Word Word Magnets CrickWeb (math) Interactive Simulations for Math and Science NumberNut SqoolTools MathFacts Experience Math and Science with Gizmos Get Body Smart (Anatomy) Inner Learning Online   Science & Nature’s Mind & Body  FreezeRay (Science) Celestia (3D Solar System)  Cells Alive History Wired (Social Studies)  National Library of Virtual Manipulative

SmartBoard Portal Websites Mrs. Hurley’s ESL SmartBoard – Games, Lessons and Activities Carson Dellosa Publish Learning Spot Library PreK- 1st Grade SmartBoard Activities SuperTeacher Worksheets – Interactive Whiteboard Lessons IXL SmartBoard Activities SmartTech Smartboard Activities and Resources Teacher’s Hub Whiteboard Interactive Resources PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard Games  Aryls Peterson Smart Technology Sites Scholastic Interactive WhiteBoard Activities The Teachers Guide Interactive Math Websites for the WhiteBoard Smart Exchange SmartBoard Lesson Activities WhiteBoard Social Studies activities from Teacher Scholastic White Board Science & Math activities from Teacher Scholastic SmartBoard Templates for Educators  SmartBoard Information from the The Teachers Guide   Game Show Templates for the SmartBoard - Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal and more Jeopardy Template from Smart Exchange iSmartBoard  Here you will find fun Smartboard Games, Smartboard Activities and Smartboard Lessons. The interactive Smartboard games are for Reading and Writing ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Health and Physical Education,  Library, Music and Foreign Language – Spanish, French and German and Holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. SmartBoard Team Games   Interactive SmartBoard games, lessons and activities for the whole class SmartBoard activities from