www.academploy.com Academic Employee Network.    If you are looking for a teaching job or other academic position, a successful national employment search is but a click away!  If you are a school administrator or department head, then here is your chance to find the best and brightest candidates for open positions in your school or institution.  Academic Employment Network (AEN) lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals. 

http://www.eschoolnews.com/ Eschool News

http://fdncenter.org/ The Foundation Center.  The Foundation Center's mission is to support and improve institutional philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grant seekers succeed. To achieve our mission, we:  Collect, organize, and communicate information on U.S. philanthropy; Conduct and facilitate research on trends in the field; Provide education and training on the grant seeking process; Ensure public access to information and services through our World Wide Web site, print and electronic publications, five library/learning centers, and a national network of cooperating collections.

www.etcep.com Funding Factory.  The Education Technology & Conservation Exchange program is free and allows schools to exchange empty printer cartridges for technology Student collect them from local businesses, parents and around the community and sent them to ETCEP in prepaid shipping boxes.

http://teacher.scholastic.com/professional/grants/scholgrantseminar.htm  Gary Carnow Grant Writing Seminar

www.grantwrangler.com Grant Wrangler.  Grant Wrangler™ is a free grants listing service offered by Nimble Press™. We make it easier for teachers, librarians, and parents to find funding, including grants and awards for arts, history, mathematics, science, technology, and more.

http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oii/index.html?src=mr Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII)

www.teachersnet.org The TeachNet Project.  The Teachers Network, a nationwide, nonprofit organization works to support and connect innovative teachers through grants and networking opportunities in the areas of curriculum, leadership, policy and new media.

The following sites were compiled by Loraine Chapman, who is with the Tucson Unified School District chapmal@setmms.tusd.k12.az.us

Where to Find Grants
http://www.ed.gov/funding.html Dept. of Education Funding Opportunities

http://www.education-world.com Do search for grants.

https://studentreasures.com/teachers-lounge/grants/ Grant Resource Center for Teacher

http://www.eschoolnews.org/ Technology grants; Tech Funding Center with latest information

Tips from Experts
http://www.wilbers.com/grants.htm This site is a series of published articles about grant writing with lists of tips from professional writers

http://techcorps.org/  TECH Corps homepage with a link to Arizona’s organization.